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SOLO EPISODE – THRIVE BRAND NUGGETS: How to pivot your brand but maintain your brand ethics.

Episode 3 of my Brand Nuggets Show…

Covered in this episode:

The current situation worldwide with Covid 19 has shocked us all. But, it’s also pushed us towards absolute creativity and into problem solving mode. When we’re forced to think outside of the box and to not have time to question and assess our ideas – good things happen.

In this episode – I look at a few of the brands that are certainly not in hibernation just now, in fact these brands have pivoted and are thriving.

Robustness & agility. I’ve talked about the ability to pivot before and now, more than ever if you need to pivot you have to pivot quickly.

How to pivot your business and brand but stay true to your brand ethics and mission.

Why – difficulty generating sustainable revenue in your industry market

When – before the above happens 😉

How – step 1 – look at your user base, your existing audience, who are they and what do they want? How can you deliver the current service/products that you currently offer in a different way? Can you package the products up differently, or deliver differently, can you add.

Change happens very quickly, and brilliant brands are either able to stay up with that change or even be ahead of the curve.

Listen in and head over to the Thrive Brand Academy Facebook group – I’d love to hear if you have changed or redirected your business and brand during these times.

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