How personalised health data can be used to empower

thrive podcast - Elena Letyagina

Welcome back to the Thrive podcast and on the show this week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Nutritionist Elena Letyagina.

Elena escaped from the Finance world and immersed herself  into the world of Nutrition!! She’s the Founder of Gut Philosophy, a data-driven personalised nutritional practice that is really focused on taking personalised nutritional data along with data from wearable devices and implementing it with clients to see amazing results. 

Elena’s mission is to educate and empower people about the role of gut health in overall wellbeing.

What we cover in this episode

  • The links between gut health, immune health and mental health
  • How personalised health data can be used to empower
  • Autoimmune conditions and the link to gut health
  • Moving the focus to lack of sleep and tackling stress
  • Why having a healthy microbiome is more crucial than we think
  • Using personal health data to motivate people to change


Find out more from Elena

Instagram: @gutphilosophy



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