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Calling all brilliant food bloggers.

You’re the experts in the kitchen, we’re the experts online and when it comes to health, food and nutrition – we want to share your recipes and food based stories to help create a global healthy change.

Our Nutrition based articles are always expert led and from qualified Nutritionists and Dietitians. If you fit into this experience we’d love to work with you and ask you to join our Thrive Experts Panel>>

Option 1 – Your own food or health journey

Have you ever thought ‘I should write a book’ then now’s your time to start sharing your food or health based story with our readers. We’d love to hear about your journey back to health, or your move from corporate world to food blogger. Tell us what and who inspired you to change. Tell us the struggles you still have. We want the emotional warts and all – sharing your story inspires others. By sharing your journey you are helping someone else to begin theirs.

Option 2 – Healthy Foodie Recipe

Our readers and subscribers absolutely love a delicious plantbased/healthy recipe or two. So please send your recipe details (Ingredients and How to Make) along with 2 high resolution photos (jpegs at 300DPI) to bloggers@thrivepublishing.co.uk All recipes will be credited fully with your website and social media links.

How it works

If you decide to apply and become a Thrive contributor, your story or recipe gets featured on the Thrive website, get’s sent out to our Thrive social audience and could feature inside Thrive magazine.

Every one of our writes is fully credited and gets links to their social media channels and website. Plus you get a profile picture and your online platforms listed in our Food Blogger Community.

How to apply to be a Thrive Contributor

  1. Read and download the Thrive Writers Guidelines.
  2. Send us a message using the form below – tell us if you’re submitting a recipe or food journey
  3. We discuss the article together and we can give you any needed guidance on format
  4. The article should be written within 2 weeks and submitted by email, as a word document, the article must be 100% your work and we do run articles through our authentic check methods.
  5. Biography with profile image must emailed to us including all personal social media handles.
  6. We will review the article and give you feedback or tweaks.
  7. Once we’ve signed off the article we get it ready for publishing and share it across Thrive.

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