Is intermittent fasting a philosophy that can have positive health benefits?

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Welcome back to the Thrive Podcast and this week on the show I’m chatting to Georgina Jackson Sytner. A Premier Global trainer and food coach and author of the book Eat Less. Which she describes as ‘an anti-obesity manifesto’. Georgina believes that to To CONQUER the BODY, you first must gain control of the mind. And I agree!

What we cover on this week’s show:

  • Georgina’s journey back to full health and becoming REBODIED
  • Intermittent fasting as a route back to health and wellness
  • Meditation and having an holistic view of health
  • Stress and the major affect on the body and mind
  • Stress and the major affect on the body and mind
  • Eat Less – Georgina’s book and the philosophy of fasting


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