The link between immune health, gut health and mental health

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Welcome back to the Thrive Podcast and this week on the show I’m chatting to Nutritionist and Thrive Expert Victoria Hamilton

Victoria holds an Honours Degree in Biochemistry and Immunology, and a Diploma in Nutrition from Institute for Optimum Nutrition London. Victoria is on our Thrive Experts panel and writes for Thrive Nutrition magazine, her focus is on autoimmune conditions and she is looking to launch her book ‘Outsmart Autoimmune Disease in 2021” in 2021. She is also a DNALife practitioner.


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What we cover on this week’s show:

  • Why we’re seeing a rise in autoimmune conditions especially chronic fatigue syndrome?
  • How you can begin to focus on achieving long term immune health?
  • Nutrigenomics, the study of the interaction of nutrition and genes and it’s importance in today’s world.
  • Controlling inflammation through your diet
  • Are we too ‘sterilised’ and does this affect our immune system?
  • What the fall out of Covid will be on mental health?
  • The social fall out from COVID
  • SUGAR – how to re-establish your taste so you can reduce your sugar intake.


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