Are you getting enough fibre?

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Welcome back to the Thrive Podcast and this week on the show I’m chatting to Maria Akbani from The Alpinia Institute and about the brand ACAZEN.  Acazen is an exciting  plant based fibre brand that aims to help you increase your natural fibre intake. Using acacia gum that is sustainably sourced from the acacia tree, in Senegal. In the episode – we talk all things fibre, gut health and the importance of sustainability in business.


What we cover on this week’s show:

  • The link between fibre and gut health
  • The role fibre plays in immune health
  • The importance of sustainability of ingredients
  • The work that the Alpinia institute is doing on gut health
  • Simple ways to get more fibre into your diet


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What does it mean to be an ethical business?

An ethical business is a business that considers the impact its actions, products and services have on the environment, people and animals. Including the origin and supply chain of it’s products or services and how they manufacture and distribute them.

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