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Introducing ACAZEN, a 100% plant-based, soluble fibre powder, sustainably sourced from the Acacia tree.

Your daily dose of natural fibre, that fits easily into your daily lifestyle – mix into liquids, smoothies or add to your favourite recipes.

Meet ACAZEN, a soluble fibre or as we like to call it, your gut’s new best friend. It’s a 100% plant-based dietary fibre made of ACAZEN is an odourless, taste-free soluble powder that can be mixed into liquids, smoothies, or any of your favourite recipes.

We developed ACAZEN because more people are becoming concerned about getting enough dietary fibre. The versatility of ACAZEN allows it to be used by people with different dietary requirements, lifestyles, as well as to accompany your fitness goals. ACAZEN is organic, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free and dairy-free. We’re also low FODMAP certified by the Monash University.

As more and more people become aware of the importance of dietary fibre, we wanted to create a product that really fits into your daily lifestyle.

ACAZEN can be used in a whole host of different ways to make it as easy as possible to increase your daily fibre intake.

ACAZEN doesn’t have any taste, smell or colour, which means that when you add it into anything, you won’t be able to tell a difference. It will taste however you want it to! ACAZEN will disappear into both, cold and hot liquids. You can add it to smoothies, juices, and cold drinks, but also into your daily coffee or tea. You can add it into your omelette mix before you fry it, add it into your soup or mix it into curries. You can cook all your favourite recipes with ACAZEN whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

With ACAZEN you don’t have to change your diet in anyway – from salad dressings to brownies or cakes: there really aren’t any limits to using ACAZEN. And if you run out of ideas: we’ve got a whole host of recipes to share with you on our site.

ACAZEN is also great because it doesn’t become gel-like when left out. There are no restrictions on how or when you can use it. So, say goodbye to holding your nose and guzzling it down as quickly as possible. What’s not to love?

100% Acacia gum
We source all our own Acacia Gum from our farmlands in Senegal, in the Ferlo region, where we practise sustainable farming. The Ferlo Region is renowned for its especially high-quality Acacia gum derived from the Acacia tree. Our Acacia gum is harvested, stored, and processed in accordance with international standards. We take pride in carrying out each stage of production with care and precision. Additional to its nutrition benefits, the Acacia tree fixes nitrogen in the soil, improving soil fertility and curbing desertification.

Quality and Social Responsibility
ACAZEN is owned by Alpinia Institute which is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. It is a subsidiary of the Swiss research and development company Alpinia Institute for Life Sciences AG (or Alpinia Institute for short). Alpinia Institute has been combining millennia-old knowledge about traditional medicinal plants with cutting-edge research at the most advanced scientific level.

We are committed to being socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable at every step of our supply chain across the world. We’ve opened medical clinics, support the infrastructure in the region and support education in the communities we work in.

ACAZEN are a Brand Partner from our Thrive Magazine Winter issue 2020.

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