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This episode of the Thrive Podcast is a little different. This week on the show I spoke with Natasha Zo. Natasha is a former journalist, who worked for the global transformational platform MindValley for 4 years, but she now runs a remote PR agency for personal growth leaders and wellness coaches. 

So, this is going to be a real gem of a conversation for any of our listeners who are looking to demystify how to achieve PR for your health or wellness business.  Listen in for tips from Natasha on raising your own profile if you’re looking to spread a message of health and wellness around the globe.

We talk: 

  • The power of the MIND VALLEY platform
  • The current conversation around mental health
  • How Covid-19 has changed our focus on health and mindset
  • How to rise up as a change maker in 2020
  • The PR landscape of health and nutrition brands


Find out more from Natasha Zo


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