Cultivating Healthy Habits Post Lockdown

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Cultivating Healthy Habits Post Lockdown

I welcome Emma Howells-Davies back onto the podcast. Emma has a 20+ year career and experience in behavioural change and helping people to adopt healthier habits through psychology, mindset and hypnotherapy. We open our Free Healthy Habits 5 day challenge this week >>

We talk about the changes in peoples habits over lockdown and how you can start to prepare for normality by focusing on your own daily habits and how to adopt healthy habits now and for the long term future.

What we cover in this episode

• Post covid – how you can get back into healthier habits
• The weight gain during covid and the psychology behind that.
• How to fit new healthy habits into the new kind of normal
• Why Covid has made us value our health more
• What it means to form healthy habits and how to stick to them!
• How to eliminate emotional eating!
• The psychology of forming new habits
• How to fit these healthy habits into your day-to-day life

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An ethical business is a business that considers the impact its actions, products and services have on the environment, people and animals. Including the origin and supply chain of it’s products or services and how they manufacture and distribute them.

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