What kind of food or health brand are you building?






Determining your brand personality is a key step in establishing your food or health business and creating relationships with your customers.

Humans are built for connection. We tend to personify things and that includes brands.
As a business or brand owner, leveraging your brand’s personality is the best way to create a connection that speaks to your target audience.

What if I told you that by knowing your brand archetype you will be in stronger position to connect with your ideal customers?

It’s true. Big brands like Mars, Apple and Amazon have been using brand archetypes in their strategy for decades… because they work. 

Challenger Brand

Personal Brand

brand quiz distruptor

Disruptor Brand

Luxury Brand

Ethical Brand

So, what kind of food or health brand are you building?

Let’s find out.

Get your FREE Brand Insight report in this game-changing assessment and learn how this one advantage will give you more clarity, confidence and certainty than ever before in your business.

Why do you need to find out your brand archetype?

Your personalised report will give you the foresight to:


Know who your target audience really is and how to connect with them in an emotional way. It'll give you the vision on what makes your brand unique and how you can translate this authentic brand personality into your online marketing.


Gain crystal clear information around what kind of brand you are building, this will help you establish a strong community around your brand and ensure that you, your business and your brand are around for the long run!


Gain the cutting edge over your competitors by applying your brand personality to all of your online marketing - connecting deeper with your customers, followers and fans.

Are you ready to discover what kind of health brand you're really building? Are you ready to connect deeper with your customers and build the perfect community behind your brand?

"I got so much value from my results of this quiz, the PDF that is sent out is so full of great advice on building my brand, applying my brand ethics and mission to my marketing and having a brand strategy - loved being a Disruptor brand" Samantha Smithson

"I love the brand quiz, it had some really useful information for building my snack brand, it's got me thinking about my brand mission, ethics and how to form a strategy plan going forward." Tara MacNeil

"Great brand quiz, it got me thinking & will definitely help me to focus & plan my next moves". Emma Howells- Davies

"Super fun, useful and engaging to learn how to define your brand presence for your business". Kay Fabella

"I love the brand quiz! It really made me think about my brand mission, values and ethics. The result was spot on and contains some useful information for building your brand personality into your marketing strategy". Louise Mason

sue hay - thrive magazine editor

Why am I qualified to be teaching and helping you establish your food or health brand?

My mission is to help ethical food and health brands to be the mainstream choice for all consumers. Over my 20 year career in branding and helping health/food/wellness brands with their brand development, I have worked with brands such as; Orange, Mars, Danone, River Cottage, Jamie Oliver, Champneys Spa and BUPA, plus many start-up brands too!

“Give me a brand that has a passion and purpose and I will promote it wide and far”.  Susan Hay – Founder of Thrive

I am an experienced brand strategist and consultant, a key note speaker and a start-up investor. I've launched a successful global food, health & nutrition magazine and have a wide network of contacts within the health industry. I'm also the host of the popular podcast Ethical Entrepreneurs.

I'm ready to share all of my branding and industry experience with you, to help you establish and grow your food or health brand. 

Every successful brand has a strong and uniquely identifiable personality. Are you ready to discover yours? 
"A brand itself is neither good nor bad. However, the values, strategies and actions of the company/organization/person behind it can influence the perception of the brand as being good or bad, ethical or unethical".

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