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Welcome back to the Ethical Entrepreneurs Podcast, this week on the show, we have Owen Burton from ONE FEEDS TWO. One Feeds Two partners with food companies to donate school meals to some of the poorest communities worldwide.  It’s such a great example of a one for one business model.

JP Campbell started One Feeds Two with his business selling gourmet soups to chilly Scots out of a vintage Citroën H-Van. It was here he paired up with grassroots feeding programmes providing school meals to children living in poverty. They have donated over 5 million meals to school children worldwide.

What we cover in this episode:

  • How entrepreneurs are recognising that business can help solve social issues worldwide
  • One for One model of business and how this can make a worldwide impact
  • Collaboration over competition – it just makes sense!
  • Giving a donated school meal is ensuring that kids actually turn up and learn.
  • Education is the key to changing generations to come
  • How you can introduce the One for One model into your brand and business.



“At one school in Malawi, the headmaster said that for about 50% of his school children the meal we donate is their only meal of the day”

“It’s just amazing when you visit these schools, they are incredibly proud and resilient people and they make the most of every opportunity”

“A school meal has such an incredible impact on a child’s day, they turn up to school to learn – these kids want to learn”

“Make your business a force for good and your staff will be inspired too”

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