How to create successful mind habits

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On the show this week we have Tom Fortes Mayer and Daleep Chabria from FREEMIND. Tom Fortes Mayer is a Harley Street hypnotherapist, author, international speaker and creator of the FreeMind app – a 3 pillar approach to happiness.

FreeMind is an App and learning platform that’s focus around 3 key pillars of support. Peace, Power and Purpose.  In this episode Tom and Daleep bring you some powerful ways to use meditation, music to form powerful daily habits.

Covered in this episode:

  • How the mind is a beautiful thing, but ungrounded it’s literally MENTAL!!
  • How social media has an aim to draw you in and keep you stuck in a psychological loop.
  • Creating successful habits for your mind, to bring order to your day.
  • How real life connection is so vitally different to social media connections.
  • How meditation can help us to break out of the self-limiting habits
  • FreeMind and the 3 pillars of support. Power Purpose and Peace
  • Creating playlists for daily use to control your emotional state
  • Community, celebration, creativity, collaboration – the 4 needs for us all.

Quotes from the show:

“The greatest thing about the entrepreneur journey is to be aware that things will go wrong and you will be challenged”

“Use music in your day to manage your emotional state, create a playlist for your emotional states: Creativity, Power, Determination”

“Success – it’s all about alignment – if you feel that you have everything you need right now, you’ll feel successful when your in your purpose, connected to your power and at peace”.

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