Successful, sustainable weight loss is all in the mind

Successful, sustainable weight loss

Find out more about Georgina Jackson-Sytner’s ‘6-week Kick Start Programme’ and start your 2021 the healthiest that you’ve ever felt!

Unless you reprogramme your brain, don’t expect any weight loss regime to have a permanent effect. Changes happen when you change your lifestyle and start nourishing your body with the right foods

Diets don’t work! To achieve long term weightloss what’s required is a complete lifestyle change – in short, a new way of eating.

To lose weight you have to make fundamental adjustments to the way you think about food: what you eat, how you eat and when you eat. And finally, you have to have the mental desire to want to succeed.

The brain controls our eating habits. It detects alterations in energy stores and triggers metabolic and behavioural responses designed to maintain energy balance. And because today food is too easily accessible, we’ve developed bad food habits. For hundreds of years we only ate one meal a day – the Romans thought eating more than once was gluttony – now its four square meals with snacks in-between. We’ve been reprogrammed to eat badly.

So it’s understandable why people struggle with the concept of changing the way they eat. Reversing life-time habits takes some considerable effort. So that’s why I created my ‘6-week Kickstart Programme’, to help people make lasting, sustainable changes. The programme is based on a philosophy that you can eat deliciously tasty food that nourishes the body, with the wonderful bonus that you lose weight.

Reversing life-time habits takes some considerable effort. That’s why I created my ‘6-week Kickstart Programme! To help people make lasting, sustainable changes.

Ever since a teenager I’ve had a passion for eating delicious food, countered by a constant desire to keep the weight down. I trained at drama school to be an actress, so was forever on some kind of ‘new’ diet to make sure I was the right weight for my burgeoning film career!

Raising a young family started the fascination with nutrition and healthy eating, which lead to offering advice to friends—which then became a career! My new food journey really started when I became unexplainably ill in my 40’s. Fearing I was about to lose the sight in one of my eyes, I searched ways to cure myself through better nutrition together with the power of visualisation. Fortunately, everything I did worked and I managed to save my sight. The experience really empowered me.The next challenge was to shift the extra weight that just would not budge—regardless of three or four exercise classes a week and more fad dieting!

Then, I read Stephanie Williams’s ‘Future Proof Your Skin’. I couldn’t put it down. The book finally helped me to understand the missing link to what, when and how to eat. It was life changing.

It’s understandable why people struggle with the concept of changing the way they eat. Reversing life-time habits takes some considerable effort.

Motivated by this, I decided to become a qualified trainer (part of the Premier Global training focused on diet and nutrition), then my husband and I wrote a book on eating: ‘Eat Less’ (Urbane Publications), which went on to be an Amazon bestseller. And, thanks to what we were saying in our book, I was inspired to start my own ‘Kick Start Programme’ coaching people one on one. I’m 6 years into delivering this life-changing programme of health, having helped 100’s of people to adopt new, healthy habits around food.

My programme’ is based on a targeted plan of daily recipes all designed to modify eating behaviours, introduce new foods and flavours leaving you with invaluable tools to use for the rest of your life. It’s an easy to follow, step-by- step guided action plan, tailored exclusively to each individual client’s needs.

Between your 40’s and 70’s the body goes through major changes, so it’s vital to keep it at its optimum level. And being overweight has been proven to be the single biggest threat to our health and wellbeing. That’s why I’m on a mission is to change people’s eating habits, helping people to a great looking body with a health legacy to match.

Georgina’s book ‘EAT LESS’ published with Urbane Publications. An Amazon best seller!

“I am so glad I happened to meet you and started your programme. If your programme is replicable to others, with these results, everyone who struggles with their weight should be doing it.” Mark, Battersea

“Can touch my toes for the first time in years – clearly losing weight from visceral fat around organs first.” Jane, Sussex

“If you want to change from a sloth to a butterfly I strongly recommend Georgina’s six week Kick Start Plan. Georgina is a true and caring professional who, not only sorts out your bad eating habits with a carefully thought out meal plan full of delicious recipes, but she also makes you much fitter. After six weeks you bounce with energy, your eyes sparkle, your skin glow and your body shape changes for the better.” Sarah, Chelsea

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