EE03 The Power of Personalised Nutrition with Nutritionist Sandra Greenbank

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Welcome back to the Ethical Entrepreneurs Podcast, on the show today we have registered nutritional therapist – Sandra Greenbank. Sandra focuses on nutrition and fertility and as well as running her own nutritional practice,  she’s also a renowned speaker and runs nutrition based workshops throughout the UK. Welcome Sandra…

What we discuss:

  • How one life changing session with a nutritional therapist completely changed her life direction.
  • How the body is self-healing when it’s in it’s ultimate state.
  • Once you look to adopt a healthy diet pre-pregnancy, then that carries through to your children and all future generations too.
  • Nutritional therapy is always personalised and DNA testing is a part of understanding long-term health. But, it’s a new area and we are still understanding the implications and level of details that it gives.
  • If you are using any of the home DNA kits, make sure to be aware of where your data is going and how it is being used.
  • The trouble with generic treatment is we are 100% unique, that’s why programmes have to be 100% tailored to the person.


“Working with friends and family can be the hardest thing to ever take on. You just can’t heal your friends and family!”

“I actually pinch myself every morning, because I love my work so much – it’s so rewarding.”

“There’s so many good things about the amount of information available, but there’s a downside as it is causing confusion too.”

“The trouble with online info is that there’s a lot of people out there having success and then telling others to do the same. But, maybe it was what that 1 person needed – it may not be right from you!”

“I would always say don’t buy your supplements from a mainstream pharmacy – go to an independent retailer or via your nutritionist”.

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