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It has long been accepted that nutrition is as pivotal as the trainers you wear, the weights you lift and the miles you run. Yet many fall short due to simply eating in the wrong way.

Nutrition is frequently the one aspect of an individual’s training that always get neglected and as result, kills their progress and efforts to hit their health and fitness goals. And it’s easy to see why, preparing, storing and planning your nutrition is generally considered time consuming and difficult, and in most cases, there is a lack of understanding of just how.

The how part is the single biggest reason why many people don’t even start to eat in the best way to maximise their training in the first place. Keep it simple, smaller meals, more often, throughout the day. Not only does it allow you to control the number of calories you consume, but by eating in this fashion you are providing your body with a constant, nutritional stream which is vital for maintaining and repairing your body after all of your hard work training.

Sounds simple?

Well the next step is putting this into practice and typically this consists of unattractive, cumbersome Tupperware that you have to think of meals to fill for the day ahead. Plus, no one’s proud of pulling out a cumbersome Tupperware from their kit bag, that doesn’t match their fitness aspirations.

Sound familiar?

Well if so, take a look at the all new Food Chain container system and accompanying app. Food Chain is a nutritional product you can finally be proud to tackle your day with.

Food Chain has been designed whilst working alongside leading nutritionists and top sport athletes to build a truly unique, modular container system alongside there intuitive tailored app. It is clear to recognise that if you currently want to adopt a proportional style of eating, your options are limited. There are a host of lunchboxes and containers on the market, but few have been designed to give you the power of eating in an effective proportional manner and be confident you are eating in the right way to hit your fitness goals. Food Chain has recognised aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts need a lunchbox that is as strong as their ambitions. Current lunchboxes frequently follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach vs. the proven system of proportional eating, that many successful athletes follow.

With Food Chain’s smart system of modular containers, you can easily store and carry around the perfect number of containers for your day, as they have introduced an all new, patented stack and lock clipping system. This means, no more toppling containers in your kit bag so you can be confident that your food chain stack is secure. The ability to stack, lock and flip the containers in any orientation to evolve with your nutritional goals, makes this a pretty useful addition to your training arsenal.

Why choose Food Chain?

• Food Chain makes proportional eating less daunting
• Provides step by step help on the correct nutrition within the FC app
• Smaller proportionalised containers making it much easier to eat in an proportional manner
• Stack, lock and flip your containers to compliment your nutritional goals
• Meals and recipes accumulated on the app to fit perfectly within your chosen stack set up
• FC app provides a community of like-minded fitness users to gain inspiration for meal prep
• Confidence that you’re eating the right amount at the right time
• Proven track record of working for leading athletes

Start mastering your own nutrition Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine


Nutrition isn’t something to be ignored, it’s something to be embraced and if it’s done in the right way, it can be enjoyable and rewarding. Allotting more time for more frequent meals becomes worthwhile and that itself gives you an opportunity to take your training to a higher level.

Featured in collaboration with Food Chain Fitness as published inside Thrive Magazine