Episode 1 of the Thrive Podcast with Joe Welstead

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I’m Sue Hay – Editor and CEO of Thrive Magazine. I’m really excited to have Joe Welstead on the Ethical Entrepreneur Podcast. Joe competed for Scotland in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, he’s a professional swimmer and Co-founder of Motion Nutrition.

As a professional athlete, Joe found it extremely frustrating that so many sports supplements were made using low quality, artificial ingredients, with little concern for the user’s long-term health. And so along with his business partner Charlie they launched Motion Nutrition – to offer real-food based organic certified sports supplements.

What we discuss:

  • Nutrition for high level performance – to be on top of your game.
  • Ways to find quality and expert information on health & nutrition.
  • How solving a problem is key to launching your ethical business.
  • The biggest takeaways and life lessons from running a health based business.
  • How can we help people have healthy relationships with those around them?
  • Ways to transfer to a more ethical based packaging for your products.


“We’re faced now with such an influx of information, on any given day we’re bombarded with new information. This is now one of the biggest challenges we have – we want to help people deal with this better”

“Spend time with the people that you love.”

“I’ve learnt recently about a new technique called animal flow – which is a great way to get some movement in your day and it’s the perfect antidote to sitting at a desk all day”

“You don’t need to do it like everybody else, but you do need to move, you need to find what works for you”

“It’s a real challenge to make a products packaging useful to the user and also environmentally friendly”

“You need to have empathy – you need to understand as an entrepreneur what will improve people’s lives”

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Book reference in the show: Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig.

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What does it mean to be an ethical business?

An ethical business is a business that considers the impact its actions, products and services have on the environment, people and animals. Including its products or service, their origins and supply chain and how it’s manufactured distributed or delivered.

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