Launching a gut health brand with Helenor from TrooFoods

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On the show this week I talk to Helenor from Troofoods. This show is the first in a short series in collaboration with Nourish Food Awards. I was part of the judging panel for the Nourish awards in the summer and it’s a pleasure to interview some of the winners of the awards. Winners who are launching amazing brands in food and health.

Helenor launched Troofoods after her son sparked an idea for healthy gut friendly granola, We talk about choosing a brand name. Becoming a B-Corp and how resiliant you need to be to be a food entrepreneur.

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The juicy bits inside this episode…

  • How you need to connect with your brand purpose and educate your customers too!
  • Inspiration, convienience and education are key for brand growth.
  • Help your customer to understand why you launched your products – what problem are you solving for them?
  • Digging deep on the level of fibre we should be getting.
  • Getting over imposter syndrome and standing tall when it comes to big buyers.


Having a strong purpose will drive you like nothing else. Make your purpose bigger than you!


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Launching a gut health brand with Helenor from TrooFoods Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

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