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Helping you to build a successful and ethical food or health brand.

​Have you ever wondered why some products survive and thrive and some fall by the wayside?

Well, the answer is simple, those that thrive build a strong and effective brand.

Starting a new brand in food or health is hard! 95% of new brands fail and that's why we've started Thrive Brand Academy.

Would you like to build a strong brand for your health or food business, but you're not sure where to start? Maybe you've done some research and looked at some brand strategy examples. But what next?

Most examples out there are from businesses that have a huge budget to throw at branding. Well, don't be disheartened because I'm here to help you build a strong and powerful brand that will help your business to grow on and offline.

​I want healthy, ethical brands to be the number one choice for consumers​ and I want your healthy brand to reach these consumers. Building a brand takes time and hard work, our brand ​clarity course is here to help you to build a brand with purpose, a brand with ethics and a brand that grows.

Why Join the Brand Clarity Course​

thrive brand course

Welcome to the Thrive Brand Academy®

​​I'm fed up of seeing amazing smaller brands that have ​fantastic food or health products fall by the w​ayside, just because they don't have the knowledge or support to build their brand. ​I​'m launch​ing 'Thrive Brand Academy' and ​the 'Brand Clarity' course to help you get absolute clarity on your brand mission, brand story and brand voice. So that you can connect deeper with your audience and sell more products.​ Sue Hay - Founder and CEO of Thrive

​Build a brand that lasts...

​• Discover and nail down your brand ethics and mission for stronger marketing

​• Find your brand tone of voice - to connect ​deeper with ​potential customers

• ​How to create a strong brand presence onli​ne

• Building your brand mission and tone of voice into your website

• Build a strong and ethical brand that's around for ​the long-​run

​Build a brand that grows...

​• Reach your perfect audience, an audience ready to​ buy your products

• Connect with ​your ideal brand audience; faster​ and on a deeper level

• Learn how to tell your brand story and create a story ARC

• Learn how to approach journalists and publications - the right way!

• Write a powerful press release that journalists can't ignore

• Create a comprehensive 'Brand Strategy Plan' ​at the end of this course

​Build a brand that sells...

​• ​Learn how brand story telling can help you to connect with customers

• Listen to interviews with brilliant brand owners to hear how they do it!

• FREE 'Build Your Brand on Instagram' mini course
• Weekly group calls to ask all of the questions you have and to network
• VIP option ​ - work more closely with me on building your brand in 2020

Why Join the Brand Academy?

- Thrive Nutrition and Health Magazine

​Building the ethical brands of the future...

​I'm Susan Hay and I've worked in branding for over ​20 years and within the food and health industry for much of those years. I advise brands on how to stand out from the crowd and grow a strong brand identity. I'm hugely passionate about start-up brands and I'm grateful to have worked with some exciting brands in my time;​ both start-up ​and well known brands. I've worked with: Jamie Oliver, Nuffield Health, Mars, Danone, Pukka Herbs, Champneys Spa and more. I've been featured in The Telegraph, Independant and speak at major food trend events - globally.

​I'm fed up of seeing amazing smaller brands fail. ​My passion is to help start-up brands and business owners like you, get absolutely crystal clear on what their brand stands for. ​Once you know this, ​you know your target market and can connect to customers on a deeper level and connection ​equals sales​. I want your healthy brand to succeed, grow and make an impact

This Brand Clarity Course is your first step in building a powerful brand in food​, health wellness or fitness.

​What you will learn on this Brand ​Clarity ​Course

​INTRO -  ​Intro call ​- Thursday 1​6th January
What a brand is and what a brand is not.
Common misconceptions about branding. When you understand this, you'll know how to apply your brand across your business marketing​.

​Week 1 - ​Course Call ​#1 ​- Thursday ​23rd January

Your logo, brand name and business model.
This is about how to position your brand in the market place. ​You'll establish how​ your brand differ​s from its competitors and where it sits in the minds of your potential customers.

​​Week 2  - ​Course Call ​#2 ​- Thursday​ 30th January
Your brand vales, mission and ethics. ​
Having a brand mission is key, it will be your guiding light when it comes to partnerships, market sectors and more. In this module I'll help you to nail down what your brand mission statement is​ and how to use it going forward. Your mission should excite, your brand values should differentiate and your brand ethics are your deep driven rules ​about what ​you stand for.

​​Week 3 ​- ​Course Call ​​#3 ​- Thursday​ ​6th ​February ​
Building an audience around your brand
Define your customer and discover what emotional connection your brand and products can make with them. This week is about finding the deeper reason why your client/customer should care about what you stand for? We'll discover your brand connection points. How you can ​find your true brand advocates and ambassadors. We will also cover working with influencers in this module.

​Week 4 - ​Course Call ​#4 ​- Thursday​ ​13th ​February
Brand tone of voice and copy
​Your brand is everything that your customers and others say, hear or discover about your company!
EVERYTHING! The​ essence of your brand ​should be crystal clear in every element of communication that you put out to the world. ​Is your brand playful, serious, instructional? We'll nail down your brand tone of voice to make sure that all of your communication is on brand.

​Week 5 - Course Call ​#5 ​- Thursday​ ​20th ​February
​Telling your brand story

​Ahhh the power of a story right! No-one forgets a powerful story and your customers won't either. Crafting your brand story is tougher than you think. I'll teach you how to take your customers on the journey from where they are now to where they want to be. How to create a story ARC and how to use your brand story and your own story to approach journalists for press promotion.

​Week ​6 - Course Call ​#6 ​- Thursday​ ​​27th ​February

Brand strategy and growth

​Time to grow! I've always said that growing a business or brand is like planting a seed. ​It takes time for your brand to develop, but having a clear brand strategy and guidelines will make sure that you and your team will stick to the mission. In this final module we'll work to develop a strong brand strategy document to keep you focused!

​BONUS MODULES - Interviews with leading food and health brand owners / Building a brand on instagram

• Podcast interviews with top health entrepreneurs

• Videos and bonus interviews with food brand owners

• Instagram Brand Mini-course

• Private Facebook ​Group ​for all Brand Clarity Students

• Weekly Group Calls to guide you through the course

• VIP option to work more closely with me (email or call me for details!

​Fabulous Testimonials

 “​Such​ ​Brilliant ​Branding ​Knowledge"

From the outset, we clicked enough for me to know that you are a kindred spirit out to do good​. Thanks for ​working your magic ​to create brand awareness ​for our new ethical brand.

​You have spearheaded our media campaign, we are pleased that we have a growing following of relevant fans and we are starting to see steady sales in a matter of weeks. ​You also introduced us to clever strategies to build our brand awareness. These are methods we are now working on to ensure we get endorsed by the right kind of people​"

​​Preeti and Arvind - Lux Store Organic

lux store organic - thrive magazine

"Personable, reliable, knowledgeable and effective – this is how I would describe Sue and Thrive.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with ​Sue across all our social media platforms, to build our brand online and I have full faith that Sue and her team will always ensure OMGTEA’s social networks are optimized to the fullest.

Thrive have achieved the results I wanted, and more. I would recommend them to anyone."

​​​​Katherine Swift - ​Owner at OMGTEA

matcha green tea

Building the Thrive ​Health Brand - case study

​Back in 2014 I launched Thrive Magazine - a health & nutrition brand with an aim to clear up confusion around health. ​I have grown The THRIVE brand to become a globally recognised brand​, with subscribers and customers world-wide! We've worked with other brands including; Jamie Oliver, Danone, Nuffield Health, Mars and more in collaborations and partnerships. ​We've been featured in key publications including The Telegraph. Building the Thrive brand has been an absolute joy, but hard work too! I'm ready to teach you all I know about building a successful brand in the health, food or wellness space.

thrive magazine - Thrive Nutrition and Health Magazine

Building a strong brand on social media
​"With the help of Sue and her team at Thrive, we’ve been able to turn our brand presence on ​social ​media from a barren landscape into a hive of activity, by publishing not just information about our company and the products we sell, but also industry news, tips and tricks from around the globe. In addition, we especially like the personal contact, emails and questions are answered promptly, while the campaigns run are custom made to meet our needs. Without the help and expert advice from Thrive, we’d still be playing catch up on this now important marketing platform”.

Lee Edwards - Holland Hydroponics

holland hydroponics

Absolutely the best decision I made... ​
"Working with Susan to build my new wedding catering and food brand. What can I say - from start to finish Susan has advised, answered all my questions and delivered​. The branding knowledge I have gained from working 1-2-1 with Sue is second to none and will help me grow Ribble on and offline! Sue’s branding knowledge and work is exemplary, exactly what I wanted with some great ideas​. I will be working with Sue again and I will be recommending to every one I know… Thanks so much, ​hugely appreciated."

Anthony - Owner, Ribble Catering

​Enrol for our ​January 2020​ course

​This course will help your business and your brand ​​gain​ momentum and ​grow a strong and loyal fan base.​
​A customer base that buys from you, not once but again and again.

​Who this Brand ​Clarity ​Course is​ for

"​This course is 100% for you if you're starting a new brand in food, health, nutrition, wellness or fitness."

"​This course is ​for you if ​you are looking for ways to grow your brand online and quickly to generate more sales!"

​"This course is for you if you're ​ready to commit to doing a 6 week course and learning from all of my knowledge, experience and connections."

This is an exclusive intake for January 2020. ​I will be choosing to work with a limited number of business owners.

Invest in the future of your brand and business

This is an exclusive intake for January 2020. I'm only taking ​limited bookings for this course as I want to be able to dedicate my time and support to help you to grow your business and your brand fast!

Brand Clarity Course 2020 starts ​Thursday, ​January 16th ​

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​Paid up front in one payment​ - ready to start on January 16th

T​wo Monthly
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No additional interest or fees when you choose this payment plan.

​Six weekly
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No additional interest or fees when you choose this payment plan.

​FAQ's About this Brand Clarity Course

​FAQ #1 - Will everything be recorded? If I miss a call can I catch up?

Yes, absolutely, each and every module will be in your portal, plus the weekly calls are recorded for you too.

​​FAQ #2 - ​Is this only relevant for a new brand​?

No, we do cover the basics of creating a brand, but we also dive deep into brand mission, values and growth. So, if you've never really sat down and looked at this for your own brand - it's for you!

FAQ #3 - Will I have lots of 1-2-1 time with you as the course trainer?

Our weekly group calls will allow you to ask all of the questions you have, not just to me but to the whole group too. If you do want an additional 1 hour weekly call with me you need to ask about the VIP option.

FAQ #4 - How much time each week, will I need to allocate for completing the course?

You will need to allocate 1 hour each week for our group calls. Although they will be recorded and so you can catch-up. You will need to spend time doing the work! Each module will require 1 hour or so to complete. You will watch the video and then complete the exercise for each weekly module.

​FAQ #5 -What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds. As soon as you purchase the course you will have immediate access to Modules 1 and 2 plus bonus content. For this reason, refunds will not be available for this course.

FAQ #6 - Is there the option to pay in installments?

Yes, absolutely. You can pay all in 1 payment, split it over 2 monthly payments or over 6 weekly payments. All payments will be taken before the course ends.

​FAQ #7 -Wh​en does the course begin?

​We start this the course on Thursday 1​6th January 2020. We will be holding ​intro calls the week of Dec 15th to allow me to find out more about your business before we dive in for 2020.

​​FAQ #8 - ​​​​Are you on hand to answer my questions throughout the course​?

Yes, I will be available inside the private Facebook community to answer your questions. The other place you will be able to get answers is on our weekly group Q&A calls. ​

​Enrol for our ​January 2020​ ​​intake

​I'd love to see you onboard and signed up to this Brand Clarity ​Course, so that I can help you to grow your brand and business for January 2020.

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