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Welcome back to the Ethical Entrepreneur podcast…

An inspiring conversation with Amy and Jeff from Hunter & Gather – an innovative food brand that produces a range of avocado based products. They operate by a set of guiding principles and have grown a strong and respected ethical brand.

This is the third podcast interview in our short series with Nourish Award Winners. Thanks for listening in and please do head over to iTunes and hit subscribe, write a review of the show as I always love hearing your feedback.

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What we discuss in this episode:

  • How to choose a brilliant brand name and the ™ process
  • Solving a problem in the market that you’ve endured yourself
  • Where the healthy food market is going next and how to keep up
  • How entrepreneurs are driving change in big food corporations
  • Taking products from idea to shelf and what the journey looks like
  • The key things to remember when scaling up
  • Launching a product that disrupts a marketplace

Keeping ahead of the product curve is key, when you launch a disruptor brand you have to educate the audience as to why they need them.


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What does it mean to be an ethical business?

An ethical business is a business that considers the impact its actions, products and services have on the environment, people and animals. Including the origin and supply chain of its products or services and how they manufacture and distribute them.

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