Spreading the spirit and joy of yoga

Spreading the spirit and joy of yoga - Thrive Nutrition and Health Magazine

Myga, a premium vegan yoga brand on a simple and beautiful mission, to spread the spirit and joy of yoga through high quality products that inspire people to pursue their own personal yoga journey.

Born and raised in Austria, Claudia, the co-founder of Myga began her yoga journey travelling through India and Asia, staying in Ashrams and absorbing teachings of Buddha.

Throughout her journey she explored various meditation methods and immersed herself in worldly cultures. This wisdom helped shape the foundations of her life, in a way where she felt at home, at one and at peace everywhere she went.

On her path she gradually learned not to compare her results with others and not to compete in any way. She grew up with the mindset of most modern societies, that comparison and levelling is a fundamental thing. In order to be true to herself, she had to be completely honest with what she felt, deeply valued, and desired.

Love brought Claudia back to Europe and after relocating to the UK, she continued her yoga journey teaching yoga to children. From her experience with her own children, Claudia believes that the biggest problem today is that children don’t have the much-needed headspace for their thoughts and feelings.

From school to homework and extracurricular activities, their bodies and minds hardly have a break. Claudia says: “If children are not entertained either by us as parents or digital devices, they become aggravated and restless. Yoga brings them back into themselves, so they can rest and digest their busy day instead of being distracted.”

Controlled breathing helps with stress and anxiety because they learn to incorporate relaxation and breathing techniques into daily life. When Claudia teaches yoga, the children do a lot of partner poses and talk about feelings which helps to improve relationships and social awareness.

As well as the physical benefits of yoga such as increased strength and improved balance and flexibility, yoga also teaches self-acceptance and self-love. It increases self-confidence and builds a positive body image, encouraging a child’s passion, generosity, and respect.

Head over to the Myga journal at myga-yoga.com to read more on the ‘8 Benefits of Yoga for Kids’ and ‘Children Dealing with Stress and Anxiety.’ From Claudia’s work with children, Myga now carries a range of character themed water bottles including, Minnie Mouse, Iron Man and Minion bottles. These eco-adorable bottles are the perfect tool to ensure your child stays hydrated throughout the day, with high-quality silicone rings, ensuring no leaks, no matter how much the little tinkers drop or shake them!


All of the Myga products originate from a story, specialising in beautiful, vibrant mats with eye-catching designs and must-have accessories. They offer a wide yoga mat selection to suit all styles, budgets and tastes. Myga are also working on a unique range of yoga mats for children which will be launching in spring 2019.

In accordance with Myga’s packaging commitment to sustainability, they do not use any planet harming material. All products come in beautiful recyclable, biodegradable and compostable carton boxes (so there’s no plastic) which makes them the perfect gift for any eco-conscious Yogi.

Spreading the spirit and joy of yoga Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

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Feature article taken from inside Thrive Magazine Winter issue 2018. To grab your copy head over to: thrive-magazine.co.uk/themagazine