5 Helpful Healthy Habits to cultivate for 2020

sue hay editor - thrive magazine

New year and a new plan. It’s the perfect time to recognise the habits that are not working for you and to make long-lasting changes.

Here’s a few of my top 5 habits to stick to to make positive changes to your health.

1. Hydration is key: Fill up a large jug of cold water and slice in some lemons, leave in the fridge overnight and have a glass as soon as you wake up in the morning. It’ll kick start your metabolism.

2. Plan your day: Get into the habit of planning your day the evening before. It’s really does ease stress. Plan out what tasks have to be achieved and then schedule them into your daily planner. Ahhh a clear mind and a peaceful night’s sleep.

3. Make breakfast a priority: It’s true what they say, breakfast is the key meal of the day. Set yourself up by making time to sit and enjoy a nutritious brekkie. A great breakfast should be a balance of protein (maybe eggs), slow releasing carbs (like oats) unsaturated fats (avocado) and some fruit or green veggies. This is going to power your body until lunchtime!

4. Sleep: It’s really getting it’s deserved time in the press just now and a good quality night’s sleep is absolutely key for your body and mind. Cultivate a sleep routine that is perfect for just you. We’re all different so it may be that a warm bath before bed relaxes your mind and body ready for sleep. Or reading a book with a herbal tea. Remember to try and limit screen time after 7pm and keep electronic devices out of the bedroom. This is your space to slow down, switch off and sleep – peacefully.

5. Move your body. Movement is key, but the type of movement is personal. So, if it’s a 30minute walk in the sun, perfect. Or it maybe 30mins high tempo training in the gym that’s fine. Make movement part of your day. Our day to day postures can, over time impact on both mind and body. Be aware and set reminders every 20mins to get up, stretch and move – in any way that feels natural.

Sue Hay – Editor of Thrive

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5 Helpful Healthy Habits to cultivate for 2020 Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine