Are you launching a food or health brand

Thrive Brand Academy

Helping you to build a successful and ethical food or health brand

​Have you ever wondered why some products survive and thrive and some fall by the wayside?

Well, the answer is simple, those that thrive build a strong and effective brand

Starting a new brand in food or health is hard! 95% of new brands fail and that's why we've started Thrive Brand Academy.

Would you like to build a strong brand for your health or food business, but you're not sure where to start? Maybe you've done some research and looked at some brand strategy examples. But what next?

Most examples out there are from businesses that have a huge budget to throw at branding. Well, don't be disheartened because I'm here to help you build a strong and powerful brand that will help your business to grow on and offline.

​We want healthy, ethical brands to be the number one choice for consumers. Building a brand takes time and hard work, our brand academy course is here to help you to build a brand with purpose, a brand with ethics and a brand that grows.

Why Join the Brand Clarity Course​

thrive brand course

Welcome to the Thrive Brand Academy®

​​I'm fed up of seeing amazing smaller brands that have ​fantastic food or health products fall by the w​ayside, just because they don't have the knowledge or support to build their brand. ​I​'m launch​ing 'Thrive Brand Academy' and ​the 'Brand Clarity' course to help you get absolute clarity on your brand mission, brand story and brand voice. So that you can connect deeper with your audience and sell more products.​ Sue Hay - Founder and CEO of Thrive

​Build a brand that lasts...

​• Discover and nail down your brand ethics and mission for stronger marketing
• Find your brand tone of voice - to connect ​deeper with ​potential customers
• ​How to create a strong brand presence onli​ne
• Building your brand mission and tone of voice into your website
• Build a strong and ethical brand that's around for ​the long-​run

​Build a brand that grows...

​• Reach your perfect audience, an audience ready to​ buy your products
• Connect with ​your ideal brand audience; faster​ and on a deeper level
• Learn how to tell your brand story and create a story ARC
• Learn how to approach journalists and publications - the right way!
• Write a powerful press release that journalists can't ignore
• Create a comprehensive 'Brand Strategy Plan' ​at the end of this course

​Build a brand that sells...

​• ​Learn how brand story telling can help you to connect with customers
• Listen to interviews with brilliant brand owners to hear how they do it!
• FREE 'Build Your Brand on Instagram' mini course
• Weekly group calls to ask all of the questions you have and to network
• VIP option ​ - work more closely with me on building your brand in 2020

​Enrol for our ​January 2020​ Brand Clarity Course

​This course will help your business and your brand ​​gain​ momentum and ​grow a strong and loyal fan base.​
​A customer base that buys from you, not once but again and again.