Immunity and Detoxification

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One of the fundamental problems that everyone faces today is the body’s immunity; how to preserve it and how to strengthen it.

Because good immunity is the guarantee of a body in good working order, for this to happen, it is necessary to count on the following elements:

• An efficient cellular metabolism.
• A lymphatic system capable of evacuating metabolic waste.
• Healthy food that supplies the body with energy.

Then the body is able to repair itself.Indeed, the presence of toxins in the body contributes to decreased immunity as it has a direct effect on lowering the metabolism. When toxins stagnate in the body, they clog blood vessels, ducts in all organs and can damage cells. They can weaken the body and expose it to disease and infections.

So, in order to maintain or recover immunity, we must detoxify the body and make an effort to clean up the chemistry that we let enter into our body every day. Many elements in our everyday life are acidifying and prevent the toxins and waste products from being drained out of our systems, some of these include:

• The industrialised food we consume.
• Some beverages due to the high levels of sugar and other additives they contain.

But also, the drugs, the stress, the air we breathe to name only the main elements.It must be kept in mind that a detoxified body is able to repair itself, our liver is an amazing organ that has a detoxification process of it’s own! But to cleanse the body efficiently we may need help, that’s when the power of plants comes into play.

BOTAVIE has composed a particularly effective blend of plants that has a 20 years history of success with its customers – The product is DynOrgan.

A powerful blend

DynOrgan is a depurative that cleans vital organs (liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, gall-bladder, etc.). DynOrgan clears conduits from stones (calculus) and accumulations of fat. It also regulates and invigorates the metabolism and reduce the level of acidity, by stimulating the evacuation of waste by the lymphatic system and kidneys.

DynOrgan is composed of plants and substances that ensure the proper functioning and the stimulation of vital organs (namely: the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and gall-bladder) with the following objectives:

• Ensure efficient elimination of toxins.
• Improve the overall metabolism and general condition of those internal organs.
• DynOrgan can also alleviate some back pains caused by kidney problems.
• Moreover, for people undertaking a diet to lose weight, DynOrgan will help and support the whole process of losing weight by stimulating the organs implied in the elimination.

But most importantly, the key is to understand that an adequate diet, that is to say an alkalizing diet, and a healthy lifestyle are the prerequisites for the detoxification process.

DynOrgan can be used as a preventive treatment as well as a post treatment – but it is mainly recommended to undergo a cleansing cure on a seasonal basis, every three to four months. It is worth considering that a detoxifying product will always constitute an excellent basis to ensure the efficiency of almost any other targeted herbal treatment for different ailments.

By taking two capsules of DynOrgan per day, I don’t feel the discomfort I had caused by calculi that were detected by X-rays. I really believe in the curative effects of DynOrgan
Mr Jack O.

The Unani Tradition
DynOrgan as a product was created following the principles of the Unani tradition. Which is a holistic tradition that considers the body as a whole. This tradition is aiming at strengthening the body so that it can assure its self-defence and recover on its own.

It is based upon the balance of the bodily humours and elements and relies on the power of plants to restore this balance. The Unani tradition, goes back thousands of years, it comes from Greco-Arabic-Persian medical knowledge ( Hippocrates – Avicennae – Galien). Actually, the word Unani derives from the word IONIC which meant Greek in ancient Arabic. It was exported by the Arabic populations in China and India where it mingled with the Ayervedic tradition.

I have had two surgical interventions in orthopaedics, coming back home I used two boxes of DynOrgan, one for a 10 days cure, the other as a maintenance treatment with great satisfaction. I hereby make an order of this product for my two children and myself. Mrs Simone B.

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