The Man Who Sailed Around The World!

Episode #1 Paul Adamson

“After meeting some of the worlds most successful leaders there’s two things about them all – Number 1 they are the most generous, honest and authentic people. Number 2 – persistence,”

Says Paul Adamson, a man who has achieved more by his mid-thirties than most would in a lifetime!

He was a passionate sailor during his childhood and at the age of 16 decided to take the road less traveled and embark on a career in sailing! Fast forward a few years and former Formula 1 Team Boss, BBC F1 Analyst & Business Tycoon, Eddie Jordan head-hunted Paul and asked him to manage the build of his new £6M Super-Yacht and Captain the yacht around the world sailing 38,000 miles through 5 oceans!

It was tough decision for Paul to put his business’s on hold, but he knew that the experiences and the opportunity just couldn’t be passed up!

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