Empowerment Podcast

The most amazing part of my journey with launching Thrive Magazine and Thrive online has been the incredible people that I have met along the way. People whom, deep down have just one intention in common – to help other people.

That’s why we’re launching this brand new section to our website – The Empowerment Podcast. We’ve teamed up with Neil Martin – Natural Juice Junkie to bring you the most inspirational, forward thinking, empowering people in a great video pod cast.

Empowerment Podcast Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Episode #1 Paul Adamson explains why going after your dreams is everything!

Paul has achieved more by his mid-thirties than most would in a lifetime! In this inspiring podcast he talks about his experiences sailing the world and why you should always keep your peripheral vision wide open!

Paul’s concepts in Leadership, Self Development and Success that he has developed from skippering yachts all over the world simply blows audiences away when he relates it all back directly to business and how to achieve success”!

Empowerment Podcast Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Episode #2 Mark Beddoe went from overweight and overworked to a healthy & happy!

Mark Beddoe shed 85 pounds through juicing vegetables and completely changed his diet.

Through changing his diet and changing his work life balance he created a more empowered life.

“I couldn’t go even 10-15mins without falling asleep”!


Empowerment Podcast Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Episode #3 – Georgina Jones tells us how happiness can ‘Turn Lights On’

Georgina Jones is the founder of Turn Lights On (TLO) and is passionate about human connection – that wonderful experience that you get when you’re connected to someone, or something.

Georgina believe’s we’re losing human connection in our lives and has made it her mission to change that by creating a movement that inspires, supports and encourages people to understand their own light and more importantly – turn other lights on.

“We’re better together! People are good, life is brilliant and we can have an amazing time together.”

Empowerment Podcast Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Episode #4 – Tom Barber. Master your own mind

For over twenty years Tom has worked around the world with thousands of people seeking greater control in their lives, more clarity in their minds and maximum certainty of their successes.

Empowerment Podcast Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Episode #5 – Luke Jones from Hero Health Rooms

Luke Jones runs the popular health blog Hero Health Rooms. Having come on a long, challenging journey with food and health himself, he now spends his time exploring and sharing ideas, with the goal of helping others realise their health potential.

Empowerment Podcast Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Episode #6 – Esther Nagle from Balance & Breathe

In this raw and very personal interview Esther tells us about her journey from being an alcoholic to transforming her life and getting absorbed in yoga. She now runs the yoga company Balance and Breathe. Her mission at Balance and Breathe is to help you find health, happiness and freedom in your life through Yoga.

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