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Revealing the secret to healing your skin WITH CNM GRADUATE EMMA GOULD

Another inspiring ‘Real Life Health Story’ from College of Naturopathic Medicine. CNM Graduate Emma Gould shares her battle with psoriasis and how it led to her studying nutrition

What attracted me to CNM was its flexibility around lectures, its proximity to where I live and the fact that my uncle used to be a lecturer. I especially loved the people I met at CNM. I made so many great, similar-minded friends and the lecturers were extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of nutrition and wellbeing.

If I had to use three words to describe CNM they would be educational, flexible and fun. CNM has completely changed my life; I feel like I’m now fulfilling my purpose in life.

I was medically diagnosed with psoriasis after the birth of my first child in 2011. At first, the recommended steroid creams seemed to work but soon my skin got used to these and I needed more to get any relief. Eventually their effect stopped working altogether and I was just getting worse and worse. I was variously recommended light therapy, oat baths and other mainstream creams but nothing about nutrition.

Seeing no improvement and increasingly disheartened, I decided to change my diet and lifestyle, to see if these changes helped. I had always been brought up to look at the body holistically as my grandmother was a homeopath, so it made sense to try a whole lifestyle approach. In 2015 I discovered a book called “Healing Psoriasis” by Dr Pagano. In it he explains his diet and lifestyle interventions to heal psoriasis. I strictly followed his protocol from June to October 2015.CNm college thrive magazine

My skin completely cleared after four months! Prior to this I was around 50% covered. I still get some spots if I’ve not been taking care of myself, but as soon as I implement nutrition and lifestyle measures, it’s fairly instant, I clear up again. Now I support my psoriasis using only natural therapies. I have a degree in Human Biology and Psychology and an inquisitive nature so I wanted to learn why my body had responded like this, which is why I studied Nutrition at CNM. Now I have qualified, I hope to be able to help others in similar situations.

I am still working as a secretary part-time whilst I am building up my own business, specialising in helping people with psoriasis and skin conditions. I love sharing the knowledge of everything I have learnt with others and, even better, watching them improve with my help.

To anyone thinking of studying at CNM, relish every minute of the studying, I miss it now it’s gone.

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As featured inside Thrive Magazine Spring 2020 issue. Thanks to College of Naturopathic Medicine and Emma Gould.  Find out more about courses at CNM College from: