Yacon – the new superfood

super food smoothie
We often find new superfoods and delve deeper into various claims surrounding them and this week we’ve found Yacon.

If you’ve not heard of Yacon yet then do a search, it’s about to be the next new superfood on the block. Yacon Powder is farmed in Peru – in the lush mountain valleys. It’s a potato-like root, similar to a sweet potato to look at and is often called the ‘Apple of the Earth’.

Yacon is often used as a natural sugar or syrup alternative as it’s complex sugars break down slowly so they have little effect on blood glucose levels. It has a wonderful sweet taste and a naturally high Inulin content too. Inulin is a natural dietary fibre present in more than 36,000 species of plants, including wheat, onion, bananas, garlic and asparagus.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to maca powder or something natural to sweeten your smoothies, give Yacon a try.

Smoothie Recipe

Blend up and enjoy. Great first thing in the morning or for an afternoon sweet drink.