A different approach to losing weight

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The Fine Diet® is a world’s first diet plan delivered in app form. The plan is individually tailored to make your dieting journey easier, maintainable and fun.

The Fine Diet®  was built off the back of Ben Smith’s personal weight loss journey – the ethos is simple and it works. The Fine Diet® is a tailored diet plan that supports you with your weight loss journey. All of the recipes are developed by a professional chef and delivered in easy to follow videos.

Our aim is to support you if you are trying to lose weight – but to help you do it in a sustainable and enjoyable way, eating only what you enjoy. The Fine Diet® educates you through your journey with professional support from our registered dietitian.

Step 1 – understand your own body and it’s needs.

It’s essential to understand your bodies calorific needs before starting any diet. We help you discover your own personalised calories and start you winning on your weight loss journey.

Step 2 – choice and simplicity

Inside the Fine Diet® you will have access to hundreds of affordable, tailored, delicious recipes. Each recipe has been developed by a professional chef in partnership with our trained dietitian.

Using the app’s amazing adaptive calorie feature, you can have a choice in all aspects of your weight loss journey. Workout when you like, where you like, be it for five minutes or an hour. #itsfine®. If you can’t exercise #itsfine® the Fine Diet® will adapt to help you on your weight loss journey. It has hundreds of exercise videos built in. From beginner to advanced, there is a tailored plan for everybody

A key component to achieving your goals is education and support!

Step 3 – a tailored experience.

We’re all very different! Each person’s energy demands are different based on lifestyle, levels of exercise and what our daily routine looks like.With our unique #itsfine® feature you can scan and add in any different foods, which will automatically adjust your weekly calorie allowance.

The Fine Diet® unlocks the ability to eat anything you want and still lose weight.The Fine Diet® is packed full of features that allow you to track, set and achieve personal goals in health and in fitness.

Stay motivated as you hit all your targets and achieve all your goals. The unique built in diary planner brings everything together, allowing you to see what meals and exercise you have planned for the coming days or weeks.

It also gives you the ability to switch out meals and exercises to suit your lifestyle.A key component in achieving your goals is education and support. That is why we have created a community area packed full of helpful and professional guidance from our chef and registered dietitian.

Also included within the app is a library of cooking masterclasses from our professional chef, taking you through kitchen basics to help you feel confident when cooking. You can also learn more about nutrition and health from the videos delivered by our dietitian.

To find out more about The Fine Diet® head over to: www.finedieting.com

Feature article taken from inside Thrive Magazine Winter issue 2018. To grab your copy head over to: thrive-magazine.co.uk/themagazine