The rise of DNA based health with Nutri-Genetix


DNA based health has risen in popularity over the recent years and we’re now seeing exciting products being developed in DNA based health and nutrition. Introducing a first in personalised nutrition – Meet Nutri-Genetix.

Nutri-Genetix have simplified the mystery behind personalised nutrition. Health and nutrition are getting personal and Nutri-Genetix are launching the first personalised sports nutrition drink based on your own DNA results.

It works by taking a simple swab from the inside of your cheek and running a genetic test to identify what your optimum total dietary needs are. Natural dietary sources are then blended up into a convenient daily shake that perfectly satisfies your personal macro and micro-nutrient requirements. Perfect for anyone who is wanting to hit fitness goals faster, achieve a more sculpted physique or rapidly cut body fat in a healthier way.

NGX’s macro-nutrients are sourced from natural, plant based vegan foods which are high in protein, low in carbohydrates and 100% free of added sugar and allergens, while incorporating a customised vitamin and mineral complex that is tailored to an individual’s own unique DNA, avoiding the complexity and expense of adhering to a strict diet.

 “I was one of the UK’s first professional nutritionists using genetic testing to identify what clients’ optimum nutrition should be. However, it frustrated me that many clients struggled in practice to keep to their diet plans, which is why I helped develop NGX’s natural formulation as a simple shake which easily fits into anybody’s lifestyle.”
says Olga Hamilton, VP of Nutrigenetics at NGX.

The future of nutrition is increasingly being seen as personal. It is now widely accepted that everyone has different nutritional needs and the Recommended Daily Allowance/ Nutrient Reference Intake (RDA/NRI) is an average for the population as a whole, not an optimum for the individual.  In reality, each of us has a personal RDA based on individual genetic make-up, activity levels, and personal goals.

The evidence is mounting over the benefits of personalised nutrition in that it can help people to achieve their health and fitness goals faster.[1] Research conducted with over 100 women at Stanford University has shown that people can lose two to three-times more weight with a genetically personalised diet compared to a traditional diet over six months[2]. Further benefits can be seen for increasing athletic performance, muscle growth and well-being. Achieving such significant improvements in health, however, required people to strictly follow a specific diet of foods to complement their genetic profile, along with a regular exercise schedule – something NGX has made much simpler.

Other meal replacements, protein powders and weight loss shakes have often been called out for their lack of quality healthy ingredients or simply their business integrity.  For example, a huge array of “slimming” products carries 20% more sugar, making them wholly counter-intuitive.  Whilst meal replacements have seen a surge in growth in the last few years, one has to question how much this is tied to an outdated piece of legislation from the 90s allowing VAT relief for those adhering to what they define as a “meal replacement”- purely qualifying for not paying VAT due to having a set level of carbohydrates in.  The fact is that nutrition has evolved dramatically over the last two decades, which calls into question why government is clinging on to outdated legislation based on out of date science on what a “healthy diet” looks like.

“Until now, to maximise your chances of achieving your health and fitness goals you would need to be carefully preparing meals every day and checking food ingredients. The irony is that, most people will try to spin all these plates without even knowing what their personal optimum nutritional needs are, which are as unique as their own DNA. Nutri-Genetix is here to change this for everyone and enable them to achieve it in a simple, convenient and cost-efficient way.”
says Hugo Jones, Co-CEO of Nutri-Genetix.

Dr Vimal Karani, Associate Professor in Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics at the Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition, University of Reading, UK, commented about the benefits of nutrigenetics:

“The relationship between our genes and what we eat is becoming clearer through advances in the field of Nutrigenetics, which aims to enable personalised nutritional interventions such that an individual, having had their genetic profile determined, can optimise their daily nutritional intake and achieve enhanced levels of physical and cognitive performance.“
Dr Vimal Karani, Associate Professor in Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics


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