How Happy Are You?

How Happy Are You? Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

How Healthy Choices Make You a Happier Person!

It’s Monday morning and the alarm goes off. You snooze. You’re too tired to go for a jog. After another snooze, you crawl out of bed and jump in the shower. You throw some clothes on and run out of your flat with coffee in hand. You get to work and things are hectic. You drink your coffee but forget all about breakfast.

All of a sudden it’s midday and you still haven’t eaten anything. You grab a sandwich to eat at your desk while you continue working non-stop until 6 pm. You’re feeling drained and frustrated. What on earth happened to the day? You get up and realise how stiff you feel. You decide you need rest and cancel your run.

You go home, order takeaway and crash on the sofa. You’re feeling pretty unhappy about your day. And it’s only Monday.

Does this sound familiar? Scarily we can all admit to being in this situation every now and then, even though we know it’s no good for us. Not only are we destroying our health but also our happiness. The two go hand in hand. It’s only by making healthy choices that you give your body and mind the biggest likelihood of success, both in terms of your performance and happiness. There are certain basic healthy habits which you simply can’t escape if you want to be your happiest, best possible self. Let me explain why.

Exercise to boost your happy hormones.

It could be 15 minutes of yoga, power walking or jumping jacks. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you improve your circulation. Your body will feel less lethargic and more energised. Your mind will be alert and focused. Exercise also makes your brain release endorphins, the ‘feel-good’ hormones which boost your positivity and overall happiness. Exercise at the same time everyday if you can, so that it becomes a habit and your body starts craving it.

Get seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

When you sleep your brain forms new pathways as it digests your learnings from the day. The cells in your body repair themselves, helping you recover from the day’s activities. Give yourself the rest it needs and you’ll improve your focus, your confidence and find it easier to be more positive. Get a good night’s sleep by creating a sleep time routine that winds you down and takes your mind away from your work and all technology.

Eat a balanced diet with healthy carbohydrates.

Your brain literally doesn’t function without carbohydrates and the wrong types of carbohydrates send you on sugar highs and crashes shortly after. Eat small portions of food every three to four hours. Don’t even think about skipping breakfast or you’ll be killing your brain cells trying to work without any fuel! When you’ve eaten well you’ll be less angry, more positive and more productive, which in turn will make you feel even better. Eat natural carbohydrates such as wild rice, quinoa and oatmeal, or the less processed ones such as wholewheat products.

These might sound like basic tips yet these are things we most often fail to prioritise. That’s what leads to us being unhealthy and unhappy. Commit to making these healthy choices and you’ll be committing to a happy you. You will feel more empowered, confident and fulfilled overall.

Susanna Halonen – The Happyologist