Positive thinking tips and techniques


In a world where we’re surrounded by images of how ‘shiny and happy’ other people’s lives look, it’s no wonder the negative voices in our heads are so loud these days. The truth is that no one has a perfect life and that negative voice that plays in your head telling you you’re not enough, only adds to the anxiety you’re already feeling. The great news is there are simple steps to help you turn down its volume!

Below are 3 simple practices to use to help you cultivate a more positive outlook on life:

1. Start Writing a Gratitude Journal – As soon as I started practicing gratitude I realised the richness already in my life that I had been taking for granted; my health, my friends, etc. But there were also things I needed to change, and practicing gratitude helped me move into a more positive space to make those changes.

Buy a gorgeous notebook and each morning write down everything you’re grateful for. Start small and I promise that the lists will grow and you’ll soon have a positive sense of gratitude flowing through you each day, helping you shift your mind-set very quickly.


2. Big Yourself Up More Often – When was the last time you paused to take stock of all your achievements? Sometimes we get so lost in our own negativity that we forget to connect with who we are and what makes us special. If you’re feeling negative about the place you’re at in your life, it’s really easy to lean into that low energy and assume that this is just how things are going to be. However, what’s really happening here is that you’ve forgotten to give yourself credit.

Taking inventory of your skill set and the amazing qualities you have as a person is a sure-fire way to boost your positivity. If you feel this isn’t something you can do alone, enlist 3 close friends or colleagues whom you trust and ask them the questions “What is so great about me?” and “What am I really good at?” Request that they be authentic and constructive in their feedback. You’ll be surprised at the replies and it will give you a huge dose of inspiration.

“The more often you catch your negative thoughts, the quicker you’ll learn the importance of being kinder to yourself”.

3. Be Kinder To Yourself
– We’re all guilty of it, especially women, but when you hear that voice telling you you’re not beautiful enough, strong enough, or that you’ve failed – catch it, take a deep breath and flip it on its head by telling yourself the opposite. Because that voice is only a voice and it’s not actually who you really are. The more often you catch your negative thoughts, the quicker you’ll learn the important of being kinder to yourself. A great tip is to give yourself a nourishing reward for catching the thought, like making a lovely herbal tea or giving yourself a foot rub.

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