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Sports supplements have earned a bad name for themselves. And rightly so. Until recently, a protein shake was something colossal bodybuilders downed in a couple hulk-sized mouthfuls three times a day. Who cared what it did to your health, so long as it made your muscles bulge?

The problem is, you’re not a bodybuilder. And even if you were – the chances are you actually do care about your long-term health. But let’s assume you are not a bodybuilder. Let’s say, you live an extremely busy life and manage to work out a couple times a week, maybe more on a good week – it makes you feel great and keeps you in shape.

There are many areas sports supplements can help you get more out of your training. But wouldn’t it be great if these products also benefitted your overall health? That was the task set out by the founders of Motion Nutrition. And by ditching all the artificial ingredients found in conventional sports supplements and replacing them with nutrient-dense, organic real food ingredients using the expertise from world-leading functional nutritionists, that’s exactly what they are doing.

We’ve ditched all of the artificial ingredients found in conventional sports supplements and replaced them with nutrient-dense, organic real food ingredients.

Ever feel like it takes you half an hour to really get into your morning run, or spin class? How about an organic pre-workout energiser made from natural superfoods, that helped boost your energy, raise your mood and improve blood flow? Not only that, regular users have reported improved skin condition. And that’s the glory of it: by using such health-enhancing ingredients as beetroot, matcha, maca, guarana and ginseng, the Motion products combine the best of both worlds – improved performance and better health.

Do you tend to reach for the vending machine around 11am, craving some sweet (or salty?) carbs? Try adding a scoop of organic protein powder into your breakfast, like Motion Nutrition’s Organic Roasted Peanut Vegan Protein. Not only will this make your porridge (or smoothie) taste like liquid peanut butter, the added protein will give you sustained energy through the morning and help you stay fuelled and focused until lunch. This extra serving of protein in the morning could even be the missing link to any weight loss plan, since it will help avoid those mid-morning vending machine trips.

What to look out for when choosing a protein powder:

1 – Avoid artificial sweeteners like sucralose, which can cause gut issues and unwanted blood- sugar spikes. Note that stevia is unauthorised in an organic product made in the UK.

2 – Look out for additives which might cause upset stomachs, such as flavourings and thickening agents (soy lecithin, guar gum, xanthan gum…).

3 – If going for whey protein, choose organic – even if it means using only half as much. Not only is organic dairy up to 50% higher in certain nutrients, the organic certification also  guarantees a smoother processing method and the absence of all artificial additives, resulting in a much higher quality product that is easier to digest.

4 – If opting for a vegan protein, choose an option with at least 3 different plant-based protein sources. This will give the powder a more complete balance of amino acids, which is not the case with single vegan protein sources. Look out for hemp, pumpkin seed pea protein, like in Motion Nutrition’s Roasted Peanut blend.

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