Fresh Bay Leaf – beneficial for healthy joints.

power of bay leaf oil

The unknown benefits of a known spice – fresh bay leaf beneficial for healthy joints.

Written by ISABELLA GOODALL – Practicing Nutritionist, Guest Writer for Asepta (featured inside Thrive Summer issue)

A fresh bay leaf formula is providing new hope for joint pain. This natural treatment known for centuries, is being renewed with modern innovation to help thousands win the fight for active and healthy lives, to be no longer held back by arthritis and other joint conditions.

Joint Disease: A Societal Crises
Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are the leading cause of disability in the UK, USA and many other developed countries.

Today, almost 19 million people have MSK conditions in the UK. Age increases the risk, and sadly there is a 50% chance that anyone you know over 45 is also being adversely affected. There are over 10 million adults suffering from arthritis in the UK alone and this disease most commonly affects women. Experts have raised alarms of this societal crisis, with warnings that arthritic cases are set to double by 2030.

The degeneration of joints progresses with age and typically impacts the knees, hips, spine, and hands. As humans are living longer the deterioration becomes more severe. The first characteristic symptom is pain. Gradually there may be reduced movement accompanied by a crackle in the joints when over-extending. Abnormal tingling or numbing sensations can occur from nerve compression as inflammation begins. The disability finally takes place upon deformation of the joints, which can result in permanent immobility.

Try shaking your head and you might hear the crunch of crystallised toxins that have begun to form in the spine. These toxins slowly begin to circulate along the spine to our extremities and constitute the final “red light” warning on the path of joint health. Many researchers have revealed that prolonged unhealthy physical and dietary habits lead to an accumulation of toxic acidity in our body that has a “cementing” effect. A loss of natural elasticity and chronic pain then occurs within the joints and spine.

Thankfully the cleansing properties of fresh bay leaf, which have been extracted into an oil and supported by the ability of turmeric oil to replenish joints, is now available as a break-through treatment.

Studies have shown that beneficial effects can be observed within just 1-2 weeks of dosage*. As toxic deposits are excreted, the urine may change to green or light red. This is the correct reaction, as it means the body is being cleansed and the joints may soon see healthy improvement.

power of bay leaf oil

Fresh Bay Leaf Formula – claim free delivery

A Victorious Plant of Antiquity
Little is spoken about the astonishing properties of a spice that is found in many house-holds: the bay leaf. Known as Laurus nobilis in Latin which means “praise” and “fame” it is commonly used in soups, stews and curries. However, the bay leaf had a far greater and now forgotten role in the culture and medicine of ancient Greece and Rome.

Long considered a symbol of triumph and divinity, laurel wreaths would adorn the heads of emperors like Julius Caesar, victorious athletes during the very first Olympics, and accom-plished poets and scholars.

In Rome, shrubs of laurel were as popular as garden hedges today and would be planted around one’s house. It would provide protection from disease and pestilence, with the drying of the backyard laurel seen as an omen for impending death within the household. The great Roman historian, Pliny the Elder, confirms the vast importance of laurel in his encyclopaedic ‘Natural History’ from AD 77:

“The laurel is especially dedicated to triumphs, it decorates our households, guards the portals (gates) of our emperors and our pontiffs: there suspended alone, it graces the palace, and is ever on guard before the threshold.”

The noble laurel reigned sacred in the temple of Apollo where the Oracle of Delphi would chew on bay leaves prior to her divine predictions. The leaves were considered to hold powers of the gods and laid under the head to inspire prophetic dreams. Even Nicholas Culpeper, the famous English botanist and herbalist, poetically wrote in his ‘Complete Herbal’ of 1653: “Neither witch nor devil, thunder nor lightning, will hurt a man in the place where a bay tree is”.

Scientific Research Confirms!
The use of Laurus nobilis L. in holistic medicine is being revitalised as notable institutions research the application of fresh bay leaf in treating various conditions including arthritis, epilepsy, neuralgia, and even Parkinson’s.

Numerous studies from leading Journals of Chemistry, the Journal of Environmental Biology, and Journal of Medicinal Food amongst others are seeking to reveal the antiseptic, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of Laurus nobilis L.*

The Secret of Effective Bay Leaf-Turmeric Treatment
Fresh bay leaves (Laurus nobilis L.) and turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) have been used as an effective treatment for millennia by naturopaths and herbalists. However, the innovative combination of the two oils is one of the most unique and important contributions toward joint research in recent years.

Bay leaf is currently used in the market for a variety of cosmetics and essential oil products. However, these are predominately for external use and obtained from dry bay leaves.

The innovative extraction of fresh bay leaf oil for internal use is now unlocking its full health benefits. Careful research has fine-tuned a steam distillation process that extracts the maximum amount of active ingredients from the leaves while persevering their beneficial properties. The further combination with turmeric oil, which is obtained from long rhizomes of Curcuma longa L., has resulted in the presence of over 73 bioactive substances with optimal bioavailability.

Comprehensive Action: Internal and External Application
Ingestion as an oil (with correct dilution) rather than capsule or tablet is considered most beneficial for internal treatment as it encourages absorption beginning within the mouth. For external application an innovative cream with patent technology has also been developed. A special formulation of 7 bioactive ingredients ensure deep penetration through layers of skin for direct and immediate relief in problematic joint areas.

The naturally relaxing, nourishing and locally anaesthetising properties of fresh bay leaf have the immense potential of providing holistic support for healthy joints!

Fast and effective penetration
These latest developments in a long history of health benefits have ensured that the noble bay leaf is not resting on its laurels!

Asepta User testimonials:

Relief after years!
I don’t even remember how the dull ache began in my hips.
It has been with me for years and causes issues with even simple things like stepping out of my car or standing up from a low armchair. Ever since using the bay leaf cream I feel like I’ve gotten my life back. It has definitely taken the edge off that constant discomfort.
Thomas, 72

My Daily Nightmare: Walking Up Stairs!
I ran a health food store so know a thing or two about well-being. Yet despite trying everything, I eventually lost hope for my joints. I resigned to the constant discomfort in my knees and hips. Then something new appeared – a joint formula using fresh bay leaf and turmeric oil. I was sceptical at first but had a stronger need to improve my health. So, I took the risk and gave it a go!

I ordered the 100ml bottle over phone and it arrived 2 days later. This was great because I could start the dosage immediately. Upon opening the bottle, I noticed the scent was very enlivening (it’s a childhood habit to smell everything). From the natural and deeply herbal smell I was optimistic that the oil could be quite effective. After only 3 days, I noticed an upswing in my mood. Surprisingly, my joints and muscles felt less tension and greater comfort!

The effects were immediately noticeable as I have to climb stairs to my bedroom every day. Due to my knees it was always very difficult going to bed. Clinging to the handrail while climbing was the only option. Could you imagine how agonising and stressful it was for me? Whenever I was downstairs cooking, reading or just bustling about I subconsciously dreaded the impending and unavoidable “trip to the top” that I took every day – not anymore!

Physiotherapy has helped ensure my condition did not worsen, but now I can happily say I’m improving. I’m so thankful for this positive change in my life.
Barbara – a pensioner

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