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Food Revolution Day

Why I became a Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador and started Thrive Magazine…


I’m Sue, I’ve always been a bit of a foodie, but 8 years ago my whole way of thinking about food changed – radically.

I was working endless hours and snacking to keep going, I developed a stomach condition and having already gone down the traditional route of Western Medicine without any positive results. I found myself lost without a solution. I started to research food and our food industry. What I discovered over following 6 years shocked me into making big changes.

See, our supermarkets are full of extremely unhealthy foods. Now you may say ‘so what, I already know that’ but I mean that 95% of the foods on offer and advertised to us as being healthy, natural or low fat could be notoriously bad for our bodies to consume. Through extensive research and nutritional training, hours of pod casts and blog reading I have come to understand how our food industry works and some of it isn’t pretty. On my journey of finding good honest food I also found Jamie Oliver (not on my door step or anything I mean online 🙂 )

I loved all what Jamie’s cooking stood for – good, honest food. So, I applied and got accepted to become a Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador back in 2014 and at the same time I started
Thrive Magazine…

See, I believe in a world where our food is as close to it’s natural state as it can be and gives us the energy and nutrients that we need on a daily basis. I want to shout out loud to everyone about what I’ve learnt and how you can make wiser choices by buying fresh, local, clean food.

So, on May 15th support #FoodRevolutionDay and make it your day of change and choose something healthy to kick start your future journey with food.

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