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Science backed solutions to a healthier gut with GoFigure. A delicious range of mueslis, porridges, shakes and flapjacks all scientifically backed to help you start your day the healthy way.

When was the last time you craved an unhealthy sweet or savoury snack? Studies suggest it’s likely to be caused by the trillions of bacteria – both good and bad – that thrive in the gut, which are actively telling us to reach for that unhealthy snack.

Since the gut is home to approximately 500 million neurons that are connected to the brain, including the vagus nerve that’s responsible for decision-making and digestion, it’s easy to understand why the gut can manipulate our emotions into believing we desperately need that piece of chocolate after dinner!

Yet not all food cravings are unhealthy. The goal is to diversify the bacterial strains that inhabit your gut microbiome, so that there is a preference to crave healthier food with all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins the body requires for a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Maintaining great gut health in today’s current climate certainly brings many challenges, but there are many simple things you can do that can start to diversify your microbiome tomorrow.

Following your gut instinct

The gut microbiome loves routine and is incredibly sensitive to change. It follows a natural circadian rhythm, which can be heavily disrupted by late night snacking, a larger meal than usual or coffee before breakfast. Start your day right with a glass of water on waking as not only does it regulate the bowel, but it also rehydrates the body, which is important for detoxification. Adding a small slice of lemon to your water creates a ‘feel good’ sensation for your gut – lemon contains a prebiotic named pectin that’s great for feeding our good bacteria.

In fact, some of the best ways to follow your ‘gut instinct’ and limit those sugary cravings is to introduce prebiotics and dietary fibres into your diet. Natural prebiotics, including those found in lemon, can also be found in a range of fruits and vegetables like bananas, tomatoes, and apples, alongside leeks, garlic and onions. Gaining the effects of these prebiotics means we must consume large volumes every day, which can be challenging even for the most motivated, so it’s why many of us turn to prebiotic supplements.

One of the best ways to follow your ‘gut instinct’ and limit those sugary cravings is to introduce prebiotics and dietary fibres into your diet.

Science-backed solutions lead the way

As a life sciences company passionate about the human microbiome, the OptiBiotix team is dedicated to developing science-backed approaches that can help prevent and manage chronic lifestyle diseases. To help diversify your gut microbiome and support great gut health, our award-winning SlimBiome® formulation does just that.

This ingredient helps to stimulate the growth of health positive bacteria to enhance or maintain microbiome diversity, as well as take up extra room in the stomach to help reduce food intake. Containing the prebiotic chicory root, a water- soluble dietary fibre (konjac) and a trace mineral (chromium), SlimBiome helps to maintain blood sugar levels to provide a slow release of energy. Meaning it reduces blood glucose spikes, maintains healthy glucose levels and thereby helps to reduce food cravings (such as sweet and savoury foods) as reported in our scientific studies.

The science behind the ingredient blend is what makes our products so unique. Backed by strong scientific research, SlimBiome has demonstrated its efficacy in many clinical studies, In fact, our latest study conducted by the University of Roehampton, discovered that over a 4-week period, 12 obese volunteers that consumed our ingredient blend through shakes and flapjacks significantly reduced their body weight, BMI, body fat percentage and waist and hip circumference.

What’s more, they also showed a reduction in sweet cravings and a significant reduction in savoury cravings, as well as a substantial improvement in mood and gut microbiome composition.

Introducing GoFigure®

Featuring SlimBiome, the GoFigure range is formulated to help curb food cravings and take the stress out of managing weight in the long term.

It makes it easier to step away from fad diets that lead to yo-yo dieting, ensuring sustainable weight loss while simultaneously fueling your gut with health positive bacteria.

For example, why not enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast with our award-winning GoFigure muesli, available in eco-friendly pots. They come in a variety of flavours – including Almond & Apricot, Matcha Tea & Pistachio, and Turmeric & Ginger – and only require milk, water or fruit juices to be added. Or perhaps you’d prefer our ‘not so plain’ porridge? Packed with fibre and protein, alongside oats rich in beta-glucan to support heart health, it’s certainly worth it if you’re looking to start your day the healthy way.

Alongside porridge and muesli, the GoFigure range also offers delicious meal replacement shakes and flapjacks. From vanilla bean to lush banana or mixed berry, simply mix with water and consume one shake for breakfast and lunch, alongside a healthy dinner of your choice, to be well on the way to full satiety, your target weight loss and a healthy gut. You can also supplement your GoFigure diet plan with our nutritious snack-time flapjacks, which are available in Blueberry & Raspberry, Cacao Orange, Cranberry Coconut and Nutty Peanut flavours – there’s something for every tastebud!

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