Creating a Healthy, Happy Passion

Creating a Healthy, Happy Passion Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

There is a misconception around passion that urges you to somehow ‘find it’ in one specific activity or thing – and then ferociously ‘follow it’ by building your whole life around it. This idea seems so wrong.

And I know that from experience. I thought I had found my passion in riding horses and as a result I followed it all kinds of ways, thinking that it would bring me happiness. It didn’t. Instead, it killed my love for the sport. It made me stressed and anxious. It made me unhappy. That’s when I realised the ‘follow your passion’ message was a myth.

I refocused my life around balance, gaining my love for horses back by keeping them on the side rather than immersing myself fully in it. Still, I was fascinated by this idea of passion and what it was actually all about. In the end my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to research passion in depth through my MSc in positive psychology. And the research didn’t disappoint me.

“I learned that passion isn’t something you have to tie to one thing”.

I learned that passion is a form of positive energy that lives deep inside everyone one of us. I learned that it is up to us to bring it out whenever we want. Because you can. Because you want to. Because it gives you a sense of energy, freedom and happiness like never before. Who wouldn’t want that? This brings me on to the how: how do you unlock this positive passion energy? By immersing yourself in the five passion keys. Embrace your authentic self fully and wholeheartedly – and be the real you wherever you go. Create meaningful connections to your day-to-day life and understand your overarching why.

Forever look for opportunities to grow and develop so you can master yourself and your life. Connect with your tribe in a way that inspires, encourages and energises you. Put your natural strengths to good use in a variety of ways and live a never ending adventure through them. As simple as that.

You will quickly realise that you don’t need to pursue the one thing you love in order to live a fulfilling life. Instead, you will discover an all-encompassing fulfilment through learning to find the love in what you do.

Creating a Healthy, Happy Passion Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine      Creating a Healthy, Happy Passion Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine


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