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There’s nothing wrong with snacking, as humans we’re meant to graze and if those snacks are healthy then it’s a way to add extra vitamins and nutrients to your daily diet – to keep you going throughout the day!

We’ve found the perfect healthy snack box for all the family. Say hello to Treat Trunk. The healthy, vegan friendly snack box for both parents and kids. We caught up with founder Sally Wade to find out what benefits Treat Trunk can offer and also her motivation behind launching a snack box that is dairy free, vegan friendly and sensible when it comes to sugar!

How it works

With Treat Trunk you subscribe to their monthly subscription boxes and these boxes are packed with healthier options to snack on. From some of the healthier brands on the market. Including: fruit bars, corn crisps, seeds and nuts. A much healthier choice than the snacks available at most outlets and shops. Perfect to stash in your kids lunchboxes or in your handbag for when you’re out and about.

You have the option to subscribe to the monthly snack box – the quarterly box or there’s also a mini monthly box too. Each month you’ll get a delightful box of healthy goodies delivered direct to your door – why not leave them in the kitchen for the whole family to snack on.

They also offer one-off gift boxes if you’d like to give it a try, or get a healthy Treat Trunk delivered to a friend.

What’s inside

From nuts and seed based snacks, to healthier chew bars, the boxes are full of snacks that will keep your energy up throughout the day, without being loaded with sugars! Each box has 20-25 healthy snacks.

Here’s a look at an example box:

Why it’s different?

Treat Trunk recognise that it’s not just kids that need to snack healthy, it’s us parents too. And with our busy lives these days, it’s difficult to find a healthy snack to rely on when you’re on-the-go.  They strongly believe the wellbeing of parents is integral to the happiness of a family and therefore your children too.

The Treat Trunk team seeks out products with health and wellbeing benefits to support you and your family – whether it’s through boosting energy naturally, increasing protein and healthy fats, supporting hormone balance, helping you relax or just a little guilt free treat.

Who’s behind Treat Trunk

We always like to tell you the Founders Story at Thrive – so, meet Sally Wade the mind behind Treat Trunk. Sally recognised that some of the so called ‘healthy snacks’ were having an adverse effect on our children. Filled with sugars and artificial additives, they would leave them bouncing off the walls, sleepless, erratic, over emotional and unfocused. So, it fuelled her to explore, in more depth, the world’s latest and funkiest food cultures and trends for the most exciting REAL healthy snacks. This gave Sally the lightbulb moment which allowed her to bring Treat Trunk to life.

Treat Trunk was created with both children and parents in mind, to bring the family together. 


What’s inside the Treat Trunk box?

Have a watch of the short video below to see an example of what’s included in your Treat Trunk box. We’ve teamed up with Treat Trunk to bring you a delightfully healthy offer. Claim your 25% off your first months subscription to any of the boxes. Just use code Thrive25 at checkout 

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We've teamed up with Treat Trunk to bring you a healthy 25% off your first months subscription. Just use code THRIVE25 at checkout