Why I choose to study nutrition with CNM graduate Annie Breen

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Why I choose to study nutrition with CNM graduate Annie Breen

Another inspiring ‘Real Life Nutrition Journey’ from CNM Nutritional Therapy Graduate Annie Breen. Annie shares her journey of becoming a qualified Nutritional Therapist!

I wanted to find more purpose in my life and embark on a career that got me excited! I was attracted to the depth and detail that the CNM course went into and the fact I could fit it around my full-time job.

For 10 years prior to embarking on my Nutritional Therapy journey, I worked as a Support Worker in many different remits, roles and locations throughout the UK including family support, domestic abuse, complex needs, substance misuse, mental health, homelessness and anti-social behaviour.

Helping people in some incredibly challenging situations took me to a point where I wanted to know more. I’d played a role in and witnessed people change their external environment – housing, relationships and jobs, but this only got them so far. How could I help break the cycle of suffering and support them take back agency of themselves, their health and their life? This is what led me towards Nutritional Therapy: I wanted to help people change from inside out so that they could feel empowered and thrive, not merely survive. I’m also someone who teaches what I most need to learn, so this was very much a personal adventure. I wanted to understand how I could improve my own health and that of my family.

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I found the CNM course to be thorough, scientific and empowering. I loved the course content – how cutting edge it is in terms of research as well as being rooted in ancient wisdom; the lecturers; the group and my fellow classmates; the excitement of learning something that could not just change my life but that of others; embarking on a new career.

I don’t really describe what I do as a career, it is part of my identity. Our health is our wealth and having this invaluable insight has changed my life in every way. Nutritional therapy IS now my life, in so many ways.

It has enabled me to get clear on my values and what’s important. It has allowed me to meet some truly awesome people in an ever-evolving network. It has equipped me with some of the most up-to-date, cutting-edge science and enabled me to not just help myself, but my loved ones. My daughter already has a pretty good understanding about the microbiome! And now and again I catch my husband parroting nutrition advice! I think the big one for me is how it’s played a huge role in me becoming the person and mum I am today. I feel happy, healthy and empowered and that’s a beautiful thing to be able to model to my daughter.

Since graduating I practise as a full-time Nutritional Therapist, I’m Edinburgh based but work online. My direction became really clear after I had my little girl in 2016, motherhood led me on a whole new personal and professional adventure, I now help exhausted, depleted mums reclaim their energy so they can feel healthy and whole and step into their power.

I loved the excitement of learning something that could not just change my life but that of others.

The combination of my coaching experience, my CNM Nutritional Therapy qualification and my motherhood journey to date has really enabled me to walk in the shoes of mothers and help them get to the root cause of their symptoms (exhaustion, anxiety, overwhelm, brain fog, digestive issues).

My ‘Healthy Tum, Happy Mum’ programme is focused on helping mums rebalance and transform from inside out. I like to describe it as science v. magic! I’m a huge fan of functional testing which was something I had the privilege to learn under the experienced eye of the CNM lecturers.

What I love about practising is the connection with my clients, the excitement of sharing this life-changing information, being part of their journey, the coaching element and witnessing the lasting transformation.

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