SooperGood Chocolate with benefits 

soopergood chocolate

SooperGood Chocolate with benefits

How often have you found yourself rustling through your kitchen cupboards, pacing up and down the confectionary aisles or scrolling mindlessly through saturated social media pages, looking for an afternoon snack that not only tastes good, but does good?

The current market options are known to lack variety and health conscious alternatives, meaning we are frequently forced to make agonizing decisions, choosing to sacrifice either taste, cost or calories to satisfy our cravings.

But not any more! Allow me to make a super good suggestion, as two friends with a shared passion for health have the solution to your mid-meal tummy rumbles…

We are SooperGood!

SooperGood is a new chocolate movement that is changing the way that we snack, with rich, indulgent bars that boast an impressive checklist of nutritional benefits. Our cofounders, Dariusz and Sabrina, developed the idea for SooperGood upon identifying a lack of wholesome, sweet treats readily available, and used this as motivation to create a brand that encourages healthier snacking.

Sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly, SooperGood enhances the chocolate experience using naturally sweetened ingredients and without any of the nasty high sugar content or GMO, commonly found in other market brands. Treat yourself to a decadent flavour sensation, with three scrumptious dark chocolate bars to choose from, including rich Roasted Hazelnut, heavenly Hazelnut M*lk and appetizing Almond and Sea Salt; blissful Swiss chocolate is just a moment away! Each bar contains under 3g net carbs, so you can snack with confidence, and enjoy the harmony of flavours from our perfectly selected ingredients.

With SooperGood, taste is never compromised and nutrition is always prioritised. Who said that healthy eating had to be bland? Not us! But not only do our bars make your mouth water, but each bar is oozing with benefits for your overall wellness.

What’s not to love!

SooperGood is a perfect fit for anyone looking to lead a sugar-free or vegan lifestyle, but as with all dietary adaptations, it is important to note the advantages of both options, and how you can incorporate elements of either into your eating habits.

Veganism is an increasingly popular health practise, which sees individuals exclude all animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs from their daily diet. Vegan diets are becoming particularly attractive with a rise of public interest in personal health, animal welfare and managing our environmental impact. Vegan diets can be highly nutritious, and include many brilliant benefits, including reducing the risk of chronic diseases and supporting healthy weight loss. Research suggests that veganism can improve heart health, protect against cancer, and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Natural plant-based ingredients

We utilise dairy alternatives and natural, plant based ingredients, to ensure that our nutritional and environmental impacts are minimal, but the effect on your taste buds are maximised. But, whilst a vegan diet has it’s undoubted advantages, it can sometimes appear as a daunting and perhaps overwhelming commitment, and may not appeal to everyone’s lifestyle requirements. However, small substitutes and omissions of certain food groups from your weekly shop will not only have your body thanking you, but the environment too! For example, seemingly insignificant changes such as opting for alternative dairy options, reducing your intake of red meat, or incorporating more plant-based options into your meal rotation are just some ways that you can reduce your environmental impact, build your strength and feel more energized!

Similarly, a sugar-free diet also contains a plethora of health advantages. Sugar, in moderation, provides a little boost that can help pick us up in moments of lethargy. However, with more sugar in our everyday food than we may realise, ensuring we are intaking a regulated amount can be challenging. Sugar can have lasting effects on our bodies, including aging of the skin, disturbing our natural mineral balance and causing negative implications on our immune system. Our bodies store unnecessary sugars as fat which can be stubborn to shift, and sugar can also be highly addictive, leading to growing cravings and as a result, we eat more. By identifying the foods and drinks in our diet with higher sugar content, we can be wary to avoid unnecessary calories and substitute for more nutritious sweet options, such as fruit, nuts, and sugar-free chocolate, of course!


Sweetened with Stevia

We don’t use maltitol in our bars, and instead sweeten our incredible chocolate naturally with Stevia and plant derived Erythritol. This is to keep all the elements of the gourmet snacking experience that you deserve, but with all of the advantages of natural and essential ingredients. Stevia has shown to lower blood pressure, blood sugar and insulin levels, and did we mention that it also contains zero calories? Combined with erythritol, which does not raise blood sugar, insulin, cholesterol, or triglyceride levels, we consider all of the ingredients that go into making a great tasting and even better performing snack, so that you don’t have to. Sugar-free has never tasted so sweet!

With future plans to expand the range and keep developing top-notch, tasty treats, SooperGood is disrupting the confectionary world. So why delay? Make a Soopergood decision and treat the ones you love to multipacks of 6, 9 or 12…or keep them for yourself, we won’t judge you.


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