Snacking for a healthy gut


As a health conscious person, I, know how difficult it can be to find healthy and easy snacks, that actually taste good.

I have spent years experimenting with different snack ideas trying to find things that would, both be healthy and delicious. Unfortunately, many healthy snacks out there take a considerable amount of time to prepare.

And for those who live a busy lifestyle, time is a huge obstacle.

That is why I thought I would share my top 7 go-to healthy snacks that don’t take tons of time to make.

In hopes to save your time and frustration, here is my list:

Coconut Chips
Coconut chips are without a doubt one of my favorites. Not only are they delicious & easy, they satisfy me when I am craving a crunchy snack. Plus, they’re really healthy.

Coconuts have been given a bad rap because they contain a lot of saturated fat. Some have even claimed that they are not good for you, because of their high fat content. But that’s not exactly the truth.

Our body needs some fat to absorb vitamins & minerals, for energy, to preserve, your nerves and to build healthy cells.

And for some reason saturated fat has been attacked by negative publicity for the past 60 years. But there is no evidence that suggests naturally occurring saturated fat has any harmful effect.

Notice how I said “naturally occurring.”

Man-made fats,  called trans fats or hydrogenated oils  are the true unhealthy saturated fats. Trans fats like hydrogenated vegetable oil or margarine are what you should be avoiding.

The point is,  coconut chips are a truly healthy snack that can provide you with sustained energy,  a full stomach and a happy body, thanks to its healthy fats. You should be able to find coconut chips at most natural food stores.

Goji Berry Trail Mix
Trail mixes are another one of my top favorite snacks partly because you can do almost anything with them. Just take a dried fruit of your choice,  2-3 types of nuts,  1 type of seed, and you’re golden. You can even add some cacao nibs for a twist!

Nuts,  seeds and berries can all provide some pretty awesome health benefits. But it’s important to practice moderation with them. Dried fruit can contain quite a bit of sugar and you can easily go overboard with nuts. In other words just snack responsibly.

I wouldn’t suggest sitting down with the whole container in front of you. Instead,  limit your snacking to a big handful.

Snacking for a healthy gut Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine


Roasted Chickpeas
Roasted chickpeas are another great savory snack option that will keep your body radiating with wellness. What makes them even better is that you can spice them however you want.

The possibilities are endless. You could even try making curried chickpeas with turmeric to fight off inflammation. Roasted chickpeas are a good source of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Give it a try with some spices and oven roasted chickpeas,  experiment and make your own.

Garlic & Parmesan Zucchini Chips
Craving chips? Look no further. Baked zucchini chips are a delicious way to satisfy your chip cravings without feeding your body unhealthy trans fats that are found in potato chips. My suggestion would be to make a big batch of these on a Sunday so you will have them ready to go for your work week lunches.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are a superbly healthy snack option that take little-to-no effort on your part. Pumpkin seeds contain magnesium (which many people are deficient in) zinc and omega-3s. They are also anti-inflammatory and can even help you get better sleep at night.

You can easily find pumpkin seeds in the store to roast on your own or you can just buy them already roasted. I would recommended however that you buy organic pumpkin seeds as they won’t contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Hummus Dippers
There are so many different types of hummus that you can buy or make. There is bound to be one that appeals to your palate. Hummus dippers are simple really. You take a mason jar fill it ¼ of the way with hummus and throw your favorite organic vegetables in there. It’s a great portable healthy snack that you can make ahead of time.

Depending on what you use to make it, hummus can also pack quite the health punch: It provides your body with vitamins A, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B-6. It contains minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium. Hummus also contains protein and fiber which will help you feel full longer – which is a huge plus!

You will also get the benefits of the vegetables you choose to eat with it.

Almond Butter Banana Dipper
Peanut butter and bananas used to be one of my favorite snacks. An alternative to peanuts is almond, butter which is equally as delicious  in my opinion.

This snack is as simple as it gets: you just bring in a banana and a jar of almond butter to work and you’re good to go. Slice up your banana (the more brown spots the better) and top each slice off with a small dollop of almond butter. The combination is delightful.

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