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Thrive sat down with Maya Qureshi – founder of Rhythm Nutrition and the creator of the new product DEFLAME to talk about inflammation and the power of plant medicine.

Maya, tell us a little bit about yourself, Rhythm Nutrition and what has led you to create

I’m a bit of a hotchpotch. Originally from Mumbai, I moved to Tenerife after my parents divorced, then I came to London to study where I met a guy, fell in love, got married, and moved to his hometown in Peterborough.

It has been an interesting journey so far! A few years back, my husband started to develop chronic pain in his joints. He was, and still is, into his sports and he was frustrated that he couldn’t play as hard and as often as he used to and so the seed for the product Deflame was firmly planted.

I set about trying to find a solution, which led me down the path of functional medicine, food, nutrition and plant medicine. I became obsessed – there was this whole world that I knew little about. I read papers and studies, listened to podcasts, read books.

I realised that there were a lot of people out there, who were facing the same problems, but there was no effective product available (outside of mainstream medication) that dealt specifically with the problem of joint pain, muscle recovery and inflammation. So, I decided to research, learn and create a product to solve these problems. I enlisted the help of nutritionists and food scientists to develop Deflame. It has been designed to

Created specifically for active people, who want to stay active, with zero side effects and is suitable for vegans too.

Tell us a bit about Rhythm Nutrition?
Our mission is to help people to move better so that they can keep on doing the things they love. That’s it. The ‘rhythm’ bit is about the concept of finding your own rhythm, tuning in to your body, making a positive change for yourself, and acknowledging that it is never too late.

I think many people don’t realise that they can make small changes in their lives which will impact their health, longevity, and quality of life in a big way. We want to help people to educate themselves through our blog, and with Deflame, provide them with the tools that will help them on their recovery journey.

So, how is DEFLAME going to help with that?
A lot of people supplement with turmeric or curcumin (the active component of turmeric) and omega 3, and with good reason. They are incredible nutrients with myriad health benefits, they are particularly good for reducing inflammation in the body and for helping you with recovery.

We’ve combined curcumin and omega 3, along with ginger and Indian frankincense all into one product making it a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant liquid supplement (so no more pills), and crucially we’ve made it liposomal (a delivery mechanism that enables nutrients to be absorbed better in the body compared to other formats – pills/powders).

These ingredients work together by modulating multiple inflammatory pathways and by reducing in the body helping you manage aches and pains, naturally.

Who can benefit from using DEFLAME?
Anyone and everyone. I say this because everyone at some point in their life suffers from pain!

Saying that, there are two particular groups of people who can benefit from using Deflame:

People who are into fitness and exercise regularly, who tend to suffer from muscular or joint aches, pains (including DOMS) and injuries and as a result, struggle to keep up with their fitness goals.

People who suffer from chronic pain in the muscles and joints, who struggle to stay active and are looking for alternative means to manage their pain better.

There’s a lot of emphasis on staying fit and active for longevity, but we’ve learnt, and we realize that the focus on recovery should be even bigger as the efforts that you put in today, will determine your ability to stay active and stronger for longer.

I enlisted the help of nutritionists and food scientists to develop Deflame. It has been designed to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and increase mobility – naturally!

How is DELAME different from other plant-based anti-inflammatory products like curcumin capsules?

Deflame is different in three key ways.

● Focus – Good quality turmeric pills are a nice option and some people swear by them for generic health benefits and pain relief. We’re more focused on making a new type of recovery product to help people on their athletic journey through life.

● Unique combination of ingredients – We’re doing something different here. We’re combining the benefits of 4 powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients (Curcumin, Vegan Omega 3, Ginger, Indian Frankincense) in one product, that is designed to tackle multiple pain pathways, specifically for enhanced mobility through reduced pain and faster recovery.

You won’t find a liquid supplement that combines omega 3 (from fish) and curcumin. It doesn’t exist, because fish oil goes rancid quickly in liquid form and it oxidises with other ingredients. We‘ve solved this by drawing our omega 3 from marine algae rather than fish. Making Deflame not only a super powerful supplement, but no fish are harmed, no marine eco systems are affected, and you don’t get that known fishy taste!

● Technology – With Liposomal technology, poorly absorbed ingredients like curcumin are absorbed better in the body and the nutrients of all of the ingredients are delivered at a cellular level, making it the most effective delivery mechanism available.

Deflame is a completely different level of product to help fight inflammation and joint pains. Everything from ethically sourcing of the ingredients from farms in Canada and India, to organic compliant standards of all the ingredients, to the liposomal method of delivery.

It’s in liquid form too and the quantities of each ingredient included make up our unique Deflame blend.

DEFLAME are a Brand Partner from our Thrive Magazine Winter issue 2020.



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