Helping you reduce excess inflammation naturally!

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Helping you reduce excess inflammation naturally with Rhythm Nutrition’s Deflame

We’re only just beginning to understand the effect of inflammation on the body and it is recently being identified as the main source and root cause of many diseases.

WHAT A YEAR! It has been just over 6 months since I decided to go into business and launch my first product Deflame, which has been designed to reduce inflammation naturally, and help people to achieve their health goals by staying active.

This has been without question one of the most stressful times in my life! I had invested years of my time in researching and testing the product with food scientists and nutritionists and had spent most of my life savings paying for the first production run, before the world went mad and I got cold feet.

Originally scheduled for launch in April 2020, which as you know is when the UK and the rest of the world went into the first lockdown, I looked at what was happening and thought that my potential customers would be so pre-occupied with more important things that buying an innovative health product would be the last thing on their mind.

How wrong I was! I know it seems obvious now, but I didn’t appreciate that health and wellbeing became everyone’s number one priority, and that now more than ever was the time to launch a product that could help manage inflammation, naturally.  So, I decided to launch in November 2020 and haven’t looked back.

The key has simply been having a great product that produces great results and helps people to keep doing the things they love.

From arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis, perimenopause and menopause symptoms, DOMS and faster recovery in exercise and sports, Deflame has helped people with a variety of inflammatory issues and conditions. The feedback has been amazing!

Fast forward to today and we are about to receive our second order from our manufacturer, and we are almost sold out of our first production run.

So, what is Deflame? It’s a natural way to manage excess inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. It’s a highly specialised, plant-based product that combines nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients: Curcumin from Turmeric, Ginger, Vegan Omega 3, and Indian Frankincense, in a convenient liquid format.

Efficacy is at the core of what we do that’s why we created Deflame using Liposomal Technology, where we are able to deliver the nutrients of these ingredients at a cellular level, making it the most effective delivery mechanism available today.

Suitable for vegans! RRP is £54.99 or $89.99 including free shipping within UK and America for a 450ml bottle (30 servings).



Clare Blake – “I feel like my hip joints have been oiled and the sharp horrible pain I was used to for so many years has almost gone!”

I was introduced to Deflame by my Personal Trainer because at 47 years of age, I was suffering from constant pain in nearly all my major joints, especially my arthritic hips and patella at the knees. Winters were especially bad, and sleeping was almost impossible. Exercising was also painful, and I couldn’t push my body to the fitness levels I knew I was capable of.

I started Deflame albeit I was a little sceptical. I’ve had painful hips for some 20 years, and just put up with it. Well, I can tell you that Deflame helped, and it is continuing to change my life in ways I can’t explain! NOW I feel like my hip joints have been oiled and the sharp horrible pain I was used to for so many years has almost gone! The taste is strong, but I actually love the taste now and it’s only a tablespoon a day. I sleep so much better now that my joints are not hurting.

Lizzie Martin – “Deflame is a must for every woman”

I am writing this review after 3 years of knee pain due to a cartilage or ligament injury that you are often told to wait until it heals. Overtime, I damaged my other knee because I overused it to help the damaged one heal. For 3 years I was in pain and after taking this supplement for a week, my inflammation is gone…vanished and of course the pain is gone too.
It may also be due to hormones and menopause and lack of oestrogen because it can cause inflammation in joints. Deflame is a must for every woman. I came across it by accident. I remember crying to the doctors when I was in pain and being told to take painkillers. I thank my luck that I came across Deflame.

Kathleen Fox – “I recently went on holiday and actually went out for country walks which would have been impossible prior the Deflame.”

At the age of 53 having sustained a lot of soft tissue damage to both knees over the years and in February 2020 having a painful accident stepping down the steps to our local pool which resulted in both knees being badly twisted and damaged I struggled to recover.  Shortly thereafter came lockdown and working from home so my mobility decreased, and the pain and inflammation increased.  I was caught in a catch 22.  The pain was so bad I struggled to walk, and the lack of walking was exacerbating the pain.  I was at the point where I was even in pain sleeping.

A couple of months ago I saw someone mention Deflame on a Facebook page.  At this point I knew I couldn’t go on like this and decided I had nothing to lose.

It arrived very quickly, and I started to feel a difference in around a week.  It’s been a gradual process but the difference it has made to me has been life changing.  It’s not a miracle cure and I still do get pain and stiffness but nowhere to how it used to be.  I recently went on holiday and actually went out for country walks which would have been impossible prior the Deflame.  I honestly would recommend it to anyone suffering joint pain and inflammation.  No drugs all natural.”

Toby Draper – “Deflame is very effective and very good value. I would recommend it highly to anyone struggling with the effects of inflammation.” 

I have been managing joint pain for a number of years that I assumed were sports injuries. Much of the time doctors, physios and personal trainers found no evidence of anything wrong. I am quite active, but my activity levels were diminishing with each passing year and it can be painful to run and cycle. Things had got worse since surgery for a broken collarbone four years ago and an infection last year. I had begun to conclude that I was just getting old. But at 46, I was not ready to give up since I am convinced that inactivity should be avoided.

I am always on the lookout for supplements to compliment a healthy diet and I came across Deflame. After two weeks using twice a day, I feel significantly less joint pain and my mobility is building once more.

Rhythm Nutrition feels like a community. There is a support network of blogs, deliveries come with handwritten notes and they check in with me by email from time to time. Deflame is very effective and very good value. I would recommend it highly to anyone struggling with the effects of inflammation.

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