Healthy, Fit and in Flow

Healthy, Fit and in Flow

I’m very pleased to have co-authored my first book as part of the brilliant Dial-a-Guru series, being edited and published by Dawn Campbell.

The series is a dynamic and interactive series of personal, professional and business self-development co-authored books which are for anyone and everyone who wants the inspiration, support and guidance to achieve their dreams and  live the life they want to.


What is Healthy, Fit and in Flow?

Healthy, Fit and in Flow work together. For all of us a healthy body starts with a healthy mind and so we’re going to focus on the holistic and work with your entire system to achieve a more relaxed, accepting mindset, that will, in turn help you to love, accept and cherish your body.

I’m here to help you to lose weight without the pressure, without the worry and stress and without feeling as though you have to give up everything that makes you feel satisfied. So, ditch the diet, throw your arms in the air and shout, “I’m going to become the best version of me that I can be”.

Free Healthy, Fit and in Flow Food Diary

Book 2 - Get Out of Your Own Way

The ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’ series, and its  accompanying workbook, have been designed to help you realise your dream life while supporting you to find fresh evidence that proves you are worthy of a better, brighter bolder future. Working through the following exercises will gradually change old self-sabotaging beliefs, values, attitudes, behaviours and habits that no longer serve us and help us swap them for ones that nurture a stronger healthier self-esteem.

Book 3 - Heal Your Life and Thrive!

Book 3 in the series looks a a variety of topics including, eating for performance, Heal Your Mind, Creating Inner Calm, Disordered Eating, Healing Homeopathy and more…

It is said “we each have two lives, the one we live, and the one we dream of living”. Dial A Guru authors are passionate about helping us be brave and authentic enough to live the life we dream of living.

Out soon…