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It’s time for a good gut feeling here’s why (and how!)

At Aguulp (pronounced a-gulp), we do things differently, we use liquid Liposomal technology for up to 98% absorption, that’s 8x better than traditional pills. 

We firmly believe you can’t talk about health without mentioning the huge significance of the gut. It’s a vital component not only to our digestive health but our mental health and immune system too.

Did you know that 95% of your serotonin (the happy hormone) is produced in your gut? And many mental health disorders result in gut issues (or vice versa). On top of this 70% of your immune system lives in it! In fact, almost 90% of all disease can be linked back to the gut in some way or another.

That’s why we developed our Liposomal liquid formulas that work symbiotically to improve your digestion, mood, focus, energy levels and immune system, because a healthy gut makes for a happy mind and body.

Keeping your gut happy should be a number one priority but it shouldn’t be difficult.

Our best-selling hero product Aguulp For Gut is packed full of all the good stuff to make your gut microbes happy, it’s perfect for a busy lifestyle and comes in a convenient on-the-go sachet, ready to down in one gulp. But how does it support the gut? The key is in high quality gut friendly ingredients, check it out:


If you haven’t heard of these before, they’re soluble plant fibres that the body doesn’t readily digested. This means they make it all the way down to your lower digestive tract and act as food for your good gut bacteria. Helping them thrive and multiple to outweigh the potentially pathogenic bacteria found in your gut.

Marine Collagen

You may have seen collagen popping up as the must have beauty supplement on the market due to its skin healing and rejuvenating properties, but did you know it can also benefit your gut? This complex protein contains 19 amino acids and can help prevent intestinal inflammation, enhance the production of new muscle cells, support the gastrointestinal tract helping those with a leaky gut, and even improve skin, tissue, and joint health.

Key Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of life and we’ve hand selected two with special gut healing properties, L-glutamine, & Lysine. L-glutamine can help fuel our gut cells and help reduce symptoms of IBS and gut permeability, meanwhile Lysine encourages collagen production and, in turn, can accelerate wound healing.

Want to know the story behind Aguulp?

It all started from the life experiences of familiar face you might not be expecting… Stephen Manderson, AKA Professor Green is a popular British rap artist, but more recently, he founded Aguulp. Fulled by a desire to break the taboo around the gut health and mental health he set out on his mission to shake up the wellness world. To make the mission a reality Stephen teamed up with co-founder Kevin Godlington and they enlisted the help of Nutrivitality – a UK-based supplement manufacturer and laboratory with over 10 years of experience within the nutritional supplement industry. It was time to make their vision a reality.

They worked tirelessly on the development of Aguulp, perfecting the formulas to offer a onestop shop for better gut and mental health in the most effective way possible.

As a result, our sachets designed for your gut, brain, immune system, recovery, and sleep that all fit neatly into your daily routine, and pocket with all the goodness you need, targeted delivery and 98% absorption.

So, clear out your cabinet that’s overflowing with old pill bottles, it’s time to simplify and upgrade. Aguulp available at

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Here’s Stephen’s Story

“I suffered from gut health problems since birth and underwent years of conventional treatments that caused awful side effects. Surgery for gastritis left my stomach partially paralyzed and the doctor’s recommendation? More surgery. Instead, I decided to fix my gut through a healthy diet and high-quality supplements. Doctors were shocked by my nearly perfect blood panels and what shocked me was that I also felt happier, less anxious, had deeper sleep and higher motivation.” This was the ‘aha moment’ and the beginning of his deep dive into the world of gut health and supplementing. “Looking after my gut definitely made my head better but I was annoyed that I was taking a large combination of supplements and clueless about what exactly was working. I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t one, cohesive supplement combining all the best ingredients designed to enhance physical and mental health.”