Foods full of antioxidants

avocado chocolate mousse
Keeping yourself youthful, glowing and wrinkle free isn’t rocket science (although it may seem that way). It just comes down to some basics, a well supported nervous system, limiting your free radical damage and plenty of shut down time.

Getting enough sleep can have wonderful benefits all round but the one that is most visible is the effect it has on the skin. Snoozing away to the recommended 8 hours a night allows your energetic self to unwind, re-balance and recharge. It allows your nervous system to get ready for the day ahead. Free radicals can wreak havoc on your body but there’s a solution and that’s antioxidants! A well equipped army of antioxidants running around your body not only supports your nervous system, it also provides you with those all important anti-aging properties and here’s how to get plenty of them.


Kale – never heard of it, never eaten it, well you should, because it’s simply marvellous and has great anti-wrinkle properties. A super source of vitamins A,C and K and also has high fibre content, to support your gut health and detoxification. My personal favourite way to eat this is to sauté it in a dash of extra virgin oil with some fresh chili finished with some black pepper.


Quinoa – pronounced keen-wa is a brilliant whole grain. There is no other grain that contains more protein, which is essential for skin renewal. These little beads of goodness contain magnesium, iron and fiber but are also wheat and gluten free which makes it the perfect superfood for everyone. With its nutty texture and flavour this is the perfect swap instead of cous cous or even rice. Serve with a chick pea salsa and a touch of cottage cheese and you’ve got lunch on the run, as it can be eaten hot or cold.


Salmon – the age old favourite. It’s a great source of easily digestible protein but you will want it more for its essential fatty acids. EFA’s are essential for a reason, every cell in your body needs them and your skin will radiant from the inside out when eaten in abundance. Although I love salmon just as it is, I adore it when its marinaded in teriyaki sauce. Using the two examples above you could serve your salmon with the spicy kale and quinoa providing you with one seriously packed superfood meal.


Chocolate Avocado Pudding – what’s a meal without a desert? This pudding is not only packed with antioxidants, it’s a guilt free way to treat yourself. It’s loaded with avocado, known for containing high levels of vitamin E. Avocado is also known to help to detoxify the skin while fighting those free radicals. It was with much delight to many, that in recent years, dark chocolate has gained superfood status, due to its high content of antioxidants. Just make sure you choose high quality dark chocolate to maximize the benefits!

Thanks to Sam Bearfoot – the Digestion Detective for this feature.