Health benefits of coconuts

Health benefits of coconuts Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

It’s small, round, hairy and tropical, have you guessed what it is yet? It’s a coconut; the latest fruit that’s being branded as a must eat.

Move over kale, watch out blueberries, get back in your cupboard chai seeds, there’s a new superfood in town. Coconut in some shape or form is literally everywhere at the moment. Coconut water has replaced Celebs’ latest designer handbags and seems to be the new on trend accessory. Coconut flour, coconut yogurt, coconut oil – the list goes on. But it was only until coconut was talked about as a sugar replacement that I began to sit up and take notice.

Spanish explorers originally named the fruit Coco, meaning ‘grinning face’ or ‘monkey face’. I had never thought about it, but if you look closely enough the indents do resemble a face.

They grow in balmy conditions and are often seen hanging off palm trees in tropical places around the warmer parts of the world. It’s new title as a superfood has got people going nuts for coconuts and credit where its due there are a lot of health benefits of eating this versatile fruit.

Coconuts are high in fibre, help digestion, give an added energy boost and reduce those sweet cravings. It’s no wonder then that the coconut is being used instead of sugar, but can this really be anywhere near as sweet and naughty as the real sugary stuff?

It’s safe to say that I’m a little bit dubious about this whole coconut thing. Up until now my only run-ins with this fruit have been my great grandmother’s jam and coconut dusted cake and ‘that’ taste in my Pina Colada that I’m never quite so sure about.

I don’t know about you, but when the clock strikes daily at 4 o’clock I get this funny feeling, a craving for that something sweet. It’s simply ‘foursies’; that time of day when my hand reaches to that packet of biscuits or that bit of chocolate that I just can’t save for another time. I am obsessed with an afternoon sweet treat; I just don’t have the will power to say no, especially when I am stuck at a desk, daydreaming about when I can escape to the great outdoors. But we all know that too much artificial sugar isn’t good for us, especially before and after any sort of exercise. So in a bid to change my ways this thing called a coconut has appeared on my radar.

I’m not the most adventurous person in the kitchen, but with pancakes being topical this month I decided to put coconut to the test and make a stack without any sugar. The recipe is super simple and takes no time at all, even I can whip these up in about 20 minutes. Take a look at the recipe and don’t be put off by the no sugar and no flour- it really is a delicious brunch, mid-morning snack or any time of the day sweet treat.

Utterly Nutterly Coconut Pancake Stack:(makes 6-8 small pancakes)

2 small Mashed up Bananas
tablespoon gluten free rolled Oats
40g Organic Desiccated Coconut
3 eggs (beaten)
20g blueberries
20g chopped Strawberries
A pinch of Cinnamon

How to make it..
Simply mash up the bananas, add the beaten eggs, oats, coconut, fruit and cinnamon and mix well. Heat up a pan with a dollop of coconut oil and get flipping and frying. The great thing about this recipe is that you can use whatever fruit you like from apples, strawberries, or even chopped up cherries. I served mine with homemade blueberry chai jam and loaded it with more fresh fruit and a few dustings of cinnamon. A drizzle of honey also goes down a treat!

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Health benefits of coconuts Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

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