Can you juice yourself younger?


When people see my before and after photos I am regularly told I look 20 years younger. It’s not just about looks, I feel younger, have more energy and I’m more active than I was 20 years ago too.

Feeling younger, having more energy and generally feeling healthier are all things that many people tell me they have experienced when they have incorporated drinking freshly extracted vegetables and fruits into their lives.

Research that followed 84 women in rural Gambia suggests that maternal nutrition may also have an impact in humans. I believe that the microbiome of our gut may play a significant part.

Could juicing play a role in epigenetics?
Put in simple terms, epigenetics is the study of biological mechanisms that switch our genes on and off. There are many factors that impact our health, including the genetics we are born with.

When it comes to so-called lifestyle diseases, I believe that if genetics loads the gun, it is the way we live and eat, day-to-day that most commonly pulls the trigger.

I believe there are 3 key factors that affect your health: Attitude, Intake and Movement.

In other words, your mindset and mental wellbeing have a major impact on overall health.So does everything you put in or on your body, as well as your activity levels. Sitting is the new smoking, right? What if these 3 things could not only help us to avoid pulling trigger, but also, what if they had the potential to unload the gun?

Someone who embraced juicing was Julie Duffield: Julie was suffering from fibromyalgia, delayed stomach emptying and a genetic connective tissue syndrome called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome hyper mobility type (EDS 3). Her collagen was damaged and as a result her joints were not being held in place.

Her illnesses were impacting her whole body and she had been told, ‘there is no cure.’Not only did she reverse her illnesses, but as a welcome side effect she also lost 3 stone (42 pounds). Julie told me: “I felt 20 years younger and had lost all my health issues.”

Other people have shared how their vision has improved, their skin has a new glow, their eyes are brighter and people often think they are younger than their actual age.

Can food re-write our DNA?

It’s been shown that a mother’s diet during pregnancy can switch genes on or off in the unborn infant. Studies have shown that changes, such as the coat colour of a mouse, can be influenced by diet.

Research that followed 84 women in rural Gambia suggests that maternal nutrition may also have an big impact in humans. I believe the microbiome of our gut may play a significant part.

Your gut microbiome is a sophisticated community of bacteria, viruses and microbes.Just as humans living in communities have the potential to make a massive impact on the environment around them, the bacteria in the microbiome can impact their human host.

The gut microbiome is directly influenced by diet. As humans we have choices about how we look after our environment and we know that our actions have consequences. The behaviours of your gut microbiome may have similar consequences for your health.

I believe that how we feed our microbiome, plays a significant role in our ongoing health. Just as derelict land can become a lush, fertile environment when looked after, the same is true inside our bodies.

My belief is that a diet rich in unprocessed plant-based foods is key. The easiest way I know to significantly increase your intake of nutrients from vegetables and fruits is to drink them.I am NOT claiming that drinking fresh fruits and vegetables is any kind silver bullet or guaranteed way to stay young, although I do think we all instinctively understand that fruits and vegetables are beneficial to our health.

I have heard so many life changing stories about consuming more plants, that I encourage you to try adding 1 or 2 freshly extracted juices to your day.

Written by Neil Martin – Natural Juice Junkie.