How to stop feeling bloated

Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye. New Year was a bit of a blur and what are you left with? A January hangover that just doesn’t want to go away and a bigger belly than you had just a few weeks ago!

Don’t worry there’s a ton of people right there with you, which is exactly why the first few months of the year are huge for all those wanting to ‘detox’. For me personally I don’t actually like the word detox, I think it’s been taken over by all the big marketers out there and turned into this very muddy word which is ironic really.

What I like to advocate in the New Year is change and that can come in many different forms. Of course saying that, I also happen to know that for the majority of us out there, this means we’re looking to change our appearance, our weight or just trying to get a flatter tummy.

Getting a flatter tummy though doesn’t always mean you’ve got to lose a lot of your body weight and live off just a few sticks of celery. A lot of the time if you deal with any potential bloating you may have going on, it can make the world of difference.

So let’s start at the top, the first thing you need to know is that everyone’s bloating is different. What works with one person’s bloating isn’t always going to work with the next. It’s triggered by different foods, lifestyle choices and it can also be in different places on the body.

This was my personal torment for many years and it’s a firm favourite in my clinic too. The problem with wheat is that it’s in everything. If you have a food item near you now, pick it up – I’d lay a good bet that it contains wheat.

Eating a diet high in sugars, natural or not, can wreak havoc on your bowels and really bloat you out.

Believe it or not, a vast majority of the population really struggle to break down dairy and when your system is struggling to deal with a food group it slows down and fermentation goes a bit crazy. Despite what you may have been lead to believe, we don’t need dairy in our diet, you can get all the calcium you need in a well balanced, dairy free diet.

Stop, Sit, Eat
The chomp, chomp, swallow lifestyle isn’t doing your waistline any good. Remember, digestion starts in the mouth, chew your food and allow those naturally produced enzymes in your saliva do their thing, before you swallow.

Slow Down
Stress is a massive trigger with digestive issues. We need to take the time to slow ourselves down, especially when we eat. Take the time to enjoy your food, away from a stressful environment.

Time Out
We work hard, much harder than our ancestors did when it comes to pressure on our systems, which these days let’s face it is pretty much constantly. You absolutely must take some time out to relax. A bath, a slow walk, meditation, yoga, whatever works for you. The choices are endless, but you must find something you enjoy to ensure you keep it up!

Why Am I Bloating There?

Bloating in the chest/throat
Often people will complain about that overwhelming feeling of fullness that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. After a bit of digging on my part, I normally find that they are drinking a large amount of water with their food. Remember, eating and drinking should be done separately, 20 mins before or after food is fine.

Bloating around the bra line
This one is very common and it’s usually an indicator that the small intestine is asking for some assistance. A good food enzyme will be helpful here.

Bloating down by or below the belly button
This area is less common, but just as uncomfortable none the less. It’s an indicator of your large intestine misbehaving. A good probiotic and plenty of water will help keep this area in check.

Sam Bearfoot – Digestion Detective