Unplug and ease your mind – then powerup

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Imagine being able to completely unplug in the evening: quelling all feelings of stress and anxiety, welcoming a new soothing mood and getting deep, restorative
 sleep – night after night.

Now picture yourself waking up replenished from a
 solid night’s sleep. Imagine powering up for the day 
to achieve your best performance with laser-sharp 
focus and in a great mood.

Imagine doing all of that, and simultaneously 
increasing your chances of living a long and healthy 
life free of degenerative brain diseases.

Here’s the thing: we tend to be so focused on our
 physical health that rarely do we consider what we
 eat as the fuel for our brain.

Yet modern lifestyles 
are extremely taxing to our mental faculties and 
nervous system. We are constantly stimulated by
 externalities, often reducing the quality of our sleep.

Our diets have shifted from whole foods to often 
relying on convenient but less nutritious options.
 All these factors affect our daily mental performance,
 our mood, and our brain’s ability to protect against 
neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
 It is time we gave brain health the attention it

Our brain controls our mental performance, our 
focus and memory. It regulates our mood, controls
 our feelings of anxiety and stress. It can make us
 feel fabulous, but it can also keep us awake at night,
 needlessly and endlessly worrying. Is there a way 
to provide the nutrients the brain needs for better 
performance and wellbeing, while promoting healthy, 
disease-free longevity?

This is exactly what Motion Nutrition have been
 working on. Through world-leading research in brain 
health and anti-aging, this health-focused UK startup
 has created two market disrupting products with
 endless therapeutic applications.

Unplug and ease your mind - then powerup Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Your new de-stresser! Unplug eases your mind
 and brings you home. By cleverly combining 
stress-relieving Rhodiola and Ashwaganda with 
sleep-promoting Montmorency Cherry and Bacopa 
Monnieri, Unplug is the perfect evening nootropic.

With the addition of the most bioavailable sources of
 Magnesium, Zinc and Iodine, Unplug will give your
 brain the tools for healthy development and for the
 prevention of brain damage over time.

Unplug and ease your mind - then powerup Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Your new wake up call. Power Up lights up your
brain. When you Power Up, you’ll find yourself
 remembering those names, numbers and places
 you’d have easily forgotten. You’ll find yourself
 powering through the day with laser sharp focus, 
and in good mood – thanks to the combination of
 easily-digested forms of B-vitamins, including the
 crucial Nicotinamide Riboside, with Koren Panax
Ginseng and L-Taurine.

As well as focusing on better daily performance,
 Power Up provides key nutrients for better long-term
 neuro protection, with rich extracts from Gotu Kola
and Lion’s Mane mushroom.

Designed as stand alone day-time and night-time 
nootropics, Power Up and Unplug actually work
 even better when taken together and over time.
 The immediate effects can have a tremendous 
impact on everyday performance.

And the long-term benefits?
Medical research 
showed that the brain changes leading to
 degenerative diseases unfold twenty to thirty years
 before a diagnosis. And since first symptoms of
 Alzheimer’s for most people appear at some point
 between the age of 40 and 65, it really is time to give 
brain health the attention it deserves.

Article as promotionally featured inside Thrive Magazine Spring issue.

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Unplug and ease your mind - then powerup Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine