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We recognise the importance in today’s world of providing expert info on health & nutrition. There’s so much confusion out there and for you to make clear effective changes to your health you 100% need to know that the info you have at your finger tips is honest, true and can be trusted.

That’s why at Thrive we’ve always focused on bringing you the latest health & nutrition news, info and features that can be relied on. We’re taking this a step further and are building on online HEALTH HUB for you. A secure online community hub that is full of expert info to help you make a positive difference to your health. The latest easy to make healthy recipes, expert interviews with leading health experts and offers for you to try new healthy brands and products. Plus it’ll be a safe space to share your health journey with others.

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Thrive Health Hub – coming soon

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Inside the new Thrive Health & Nutrition Hub

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Jamie is an award winning fitness expert, British Kettlebell Champion and Massage Therapist. He has been featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine, Shortlist and is a regular contributor for many Health and Fitness magazines. His Total Body Breakthrough System has enabled hundreds of people to achieve their impossible.

“One of my favourite mantras is “I can, I will, Just watch Me! This is how I live my life.And it’s this little mantra that I use for my clients too.”

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Rosie is a qualified and registered nutritional therapist, with a first class degree from the University of Westminster. She has worked with over 500 clients to date, and has seen them set free from the symptoms of conditions including IBS, PCOS and eczema.

Using only proven and effective nutritional medicine and the most up-to-date diagnostic tools, Rosie works with my clients to make small changes that drive lasting and powerful results.

“My mission is to help you live a healthier and more fulfilling life, filled with energy and free from painful symptoms of conditions that are all too common in our modern society”.

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Emma is a behavioral change specialist with over 20 years of supporting individuals to improve their health and wellbeing through changing everyday habits and behaviors. With a diverse background in health, fitness and education, Emma is renowned for her movement interventions and holistic approach change, for which she has earned the title, “Movement Maestro.”

Emma is passionate about helping people to change through equipping them with confidence the mindset and the skills to do it. She has empowered clients to overcome self-limiting behaviors through her NHS work and in private practice. She also works innovatively with organizations to cultivate resilient and dynamic teams through her Leadership Lifestyle Programme® which empowers better health and wellbeing habits at work.

Free nutrition and health challenges to help you reach your goals

Accountability and support means everything when it comes to your health. Making changes whether big or small can be difficult. And we’re here inside the Health Hub to support you, guide you and offer you only EXPERT info to help you achieve your health goals.

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  • AMAZING RESULTS: more energy, weightloss, calmer mind and habits to take forward with you to make big changes.
  • FULL ACCESS to the entire Thrive Health Hub, including all features, interviews and healthy product offers
  • OPPORTUNITY to connect with Nutritionists, fitness and PT trainers and Mindset experts who can help you achieve your goals
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  • DISCOUNTS on healthy products and brands, gym memberships and healthy retreats and spa days
  • EVERY back copy of Thrive Magazine (over 12 copies of the magazine in full)
  • EXCLUSIVE podcast interviews with leading health entrepreneurs
  • FREE meal planners and recipes to kick start your healthy future.

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